Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Whistles Wisteria Avec Blanc

T-shirt:Topshop Trousers: Whistles Shoes:Topshop Bag: Mulberry Watch: Michael Kors

This is the third time I've worn the Whistles Wisteria trouser. Working out so far at £41.66 cost per wear, this I don't think is bad considering I've only had them since May, and due to the 100% silk, its been hard to wear in the rain.I'd always thought I'd get more wear from the top, having the trousers seem to be proving me wrong.

I'm currently on an internship in London, and trying to create different looks to what I wore on my previous placement. Also with slightly warmer weather, I'm able to be more experimental and summery.

I wouldn't have originally of thought of wearing a plain simple white Tshirt at first, as I'm not a fan of wearing white and black with anything just because it goes. The Tshirt gives the trousers a much more relaxed casual look however I love how it matches my Topshop sandals, and still looks smart enough for a day in the office. I added the brown belt just to pull it all together, I was slightly worried the white would all be a bit to stark,but I think it works.


This outfit was my Mulberry Lily's first outing,it's roomier than I originally thought, and definitely leaves you feeling extremely girl, due to its candy pinkness.


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  1. Hey Abigail, got your note about sample sales. I find out about them from PR agencies and Twitter - and unless stated, you can turn up without an invite. x