Friday, 15 June 2012

The Selfridges Summer Sale

I had been updated by email, read in magazines and knew fullwell that the Selfridges sale would be mayhem.
The Manchester store opened at 8am and part of mecontemplated going in early to have a browse. However this just turned intodeciding at 8.30 I would, 30 minutes before work, run in get knocked over andfight to just look at the pieces, then power walk to work.
You would think the whole experience would leave mehorrified and not wanting to go back. Though after gossiping with my workfriend, and looking at the sale online, it was decided we would re-visit atlunchtime.
All though still slightly manic, we took the approach ofgrab what you want and see. I found myself shouting over the crowds trying tofind my friend, then both realising we had picked up thousands, if not millions of pounds of bags.
I flittered between Mulberry’s, and Wangs, Michael Kors or aMark Jacobs. Though somehow and I am still not quite sure how I managed tochoose, an Alexander Wang Rocco Bag in Navy.

The feeling of making such a big purchase is incredible. Thefact you have parted with a substantial chunk of money, and in real terms allyou have is a sewn together piece of leather, with some sort of branding on it.The walk back to work allowed Rachel and I to come to terms with what we haddone. She’d now be planning her outfits around her new Evelina Mulberry Hobo,and I would be popping down the studs of my new Alexander Wang.

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