Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Guide to Summer Sale Shopping

It seems to be that time of year already. Fighting with fellow sisters and breaking all girl power rules, because you totally know that pair of shoes would look so much better on you than her. Pulling and throwing, hysterical cries and the pangs of the till. Sale time.

Im waiting for all my sale items to arrive, as I have ordered a few online to be able to do a full post on them, but in the mean time here is a selection of my favourite few, that should not be missed.

For anyone with extremes of extra cash, the beautiful Matthew Williamson dress is a must. The dress does all the talking, no need for fussy accessories, kept it plain and simple with a chic bun, and your not far off perfect.

The Lola Rose ring maybe more in your price range. So simple and understated yet perfect for every daywear, or a special piece for an occasion. This ring would make a great gift. My-wardrobe also have a butterfly and dove version available. I am really tempted to get this. Stacking rings are something I want to give a go, lets hope there is some left by payday.

I couldn’tt do this post without including a Mulberry. Im shocked any is actually left online, however I was slightly disappointed by the sale this season. This bag however is a cutie, the pink is so girly, and it would liven up any outfit. If like me you carry everything but the kitchen sink around, you may find this bag a little small for everyday. However there is still quite a selection left. Im hoping I win the lottery or suddenly get a windfall of money so I can get this bag. Ive been lusting after a Lily for quite a while.

I always rely on Topshop for a great shoe sale, and these sandals dont disappoint. I already have the white with silver glitter, and recently purchased the navy with pink in the same style. They are ultra comfy and great with jeans or summer dresses. Lets just hope we have some sun to wear them.

I have recently had a slight obsession with Aubin and Wills. Currently they are stocking a pair of floral shorts, which sadly didnt go into sale. However the same shaped short is now reduced to £45 in blue and black. These will be perfect for beach to bar wear for any holiday. I think paying a bit extra for simple yet classic pieces like this, means that they wear and last that little bit longer. These will take you from one summer season to the next, without a doubt.

Zara home, is always full of gorgeous bed linen. I eyed this set up a little while ago. Prices vary depending on what size, but this is something I shall be definitely snapping up. 

French Connection, have been on sale a little while so now have reduced some items up to 60% off. I always find the clothes in French Connection such good quality, however quite pricey. The sale is a perfect time to grab some pieces at more affordable prices. The cotton shorts, are great with a timeless prints and could even be carried through to autumn with a knit. I love the colour yellow of the sequin pair, bang on trend this season, and can be worn for a party by pairing with a simple tee or vest. Sequin pieces are always great to stock up on in sales, just make such they arent missing any.

My final piece is the H&M swimsuit, which will look great with a tan. If youre lucky enough to be going away this summer, due to the sales starting earlier than usual, they seem to be full of swimsuits. Stock up on bright colours, anything with extra detailing is a plus.

Sales can be great, and you can get some great finds. But before parting with your money, make sure you know the returns policy. Often its too busy to be trying bits and bobs on, as long as you are happy with the policy, try at home and return a few days later when the stores have quietened down.

If your looking to pick up a designer bargain, make sure you know what youre buying. Would you have wanted it full price? If not put it down, the lowered price tags can be appealing and result in impulse buying. Also is it a one season pony? 

Try to look for classic pieces, and shapes that way you won`t just be buying into a spring summer 2012 trend reduced.

Often bigger retailers will be willing to knock a little more off for any imperfections, so keep an eye out. Though don`t buy if you think the imperfection is to imperfect.

Online is often a great shout, as no queues, no mess or hunting for your size. 

Have you braved any sales yet? Left battered and bruised, and Im not just talking about your bank account? Whats been your best buy?

If not, Happy Shopping!!


  1. Great post. I haven't been sales shopping in store yet but my favourite purchase is my new Mulberry Bayswater from the Netaporter sale.

    1. Bayswater!! That's a brilliant buy, such a classic bag. Hopefully Monday I can post my sale buys, I'm just to excited to have them all together.