Saturday, 5 November 2011

Some may say..

That I have a slight obsession with Mulberry. They wouldn`t be wrong. But on Thursday night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Mulberry Stylist event, at the Manchester Spinngfields Store.
Mulberry Stylist Party 2011
The event was filled, with scrumptious canapes such as mini pies and fish and chips, along with gallons of gin.
I consumed a lot of that.
The store looked magical with there trade mark golden bayswater balloons, which I was lucky enough to bring home.

The bigger part of the night was a free prize draw to win the Spring/Summer 12 Evanglina Hobo, and out of know where my dear work friend Harriet nabbed it. So exciting, and this could only mean once having my nails done courtesy of Mulberry, and nailsrock, it was only right to celebrate with another drink.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

And it all started over...

When I popped to Selfridges on my lunch break the other day. Mainly just to see if there was anything else I could add to my Christmas List.
However I was pleasantly surprised and then followed by a feeling of absolute awe, to see a smidgen of the Mulberry Spring/Summer 12 handbag collection.

Not since Mulberry launched the ever so sought after Alexa has a bag been named after a real life human. But the Mulberry Evelina, bag is the next big thing. Named after model Evelina Mambetova, who was seen strutting in the Mulberry sorbet coloured Spring/Summer 12 show.

With a very minmal Mulberry tree, to show off its heritage and its slouchy shapes, this bag would be perfect for any occasion.

However I am drawn to a certain few, and will be saving my pay to get my hands on one:

A girl can only dream. And with me gaining a guest entrance to the Mulberry Manchester Spinngfields party tomorrow, I shall keep dreaming,

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Life is like a box of chocolates...

The past three weeks have been a worldwind that I am still desperately trying to cope and deal with. However majorly struggling.I have dug pretty dip and did not know feelings like this could emerge or exist so suddenly.
 It only seemed right to quite Forest Gump

My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
I have found myself buying clothes to fill a gap and some may say there is nothing wrong with that. However when you bank balance is less than positive, it causes dilemma.
Copious amounts of Rose, chilled from a bottle, or I should say bottles have been consumed. Hours of listening to Adele and Ed Sheeran, on my newly bought Urbanears Canary headphones, I`ve put my hair in a lot of buns, cut my toe, and been extremely confused.
The whole time has made me realise that all these amazing friends and family that I quite often take for granted, have been more than anyone could ever ask for. My view of facts being facts has become more than a view but a reality that quite bluntly we all just have to deal with.
On a more dramatic note I have had to rescues mould from shoes, due to a damp problem, and at one point even suspected Mould on a Mulberry. That deserved another bottle of Rose in its self.
On a lighter note, some of the fashions I have seen have been the most beautiful ever.
I spotted this advert in Novembers issue of Vogue. A slight bit of excitement struck in I already have a half day booked for my placement so I can arrive by 7.30 to queue. All though I haven`t seen any of the products apart from these in the advert, I am a major fan of the jacket.

It’s hard not to comment on the spectacular that was, the S/S12 Louis Vuitton show. The pastel colours show a reflection of Mulberry, and the textures of the garments was something I instantly fell in love with. Not to mention how magical it all looked. 
The first thing I have fallen in love with since Mulberry.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Falling in Love..

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It all started on Sunday, when I dreamt of being on the front row of the Mulberry s/s12 show with a million Bayswaters or Alexas or a Tilly or few. Instead I was on my way to my part time retail job. The collection showed an array of retro beach ice cream sundae colours, and hair with plenty of volume. Plenty of excitement was seen in the front row, my favourite being Kate Moss,
 it makes me wonder wherever the new s/s12 Mulberry it bag will be a Kate, or a Moss.

The yellow Bayswater will defiantly on my wishlist. As well as the Zebra print Tee.

Today another fashion lust relationship started but not over something soft or cashmere, but a book. I haven`t seen it in real life, just a picture on Amazon. But It possible maybe the most beautiful book I have and will ever see. Christian Louboutin.
 I would even go to the extremes of buying a coffee table just to sit it on.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


It would be hard to not write a blog rounding up NYFW. Sadly I couldn`t be there but kept me filled in. I saw some beautiful collections, with Rachel Zoe surprisingly being my favourite.
The maxi dress is still going to huge s/s12 and if only I could afford this beautiful one by Rachel Zoe. The print makes it so eye catching, and a stand out number. I can imagine s/s12 will see plenty of copies on the highstreet.

This look, I think can easily be translated and worn now. I love the frill detailing on the sleeves, and the fact such a casual look, can look so smart and sophisticated.

The overall shapes seen at Rachel Zoe, were perfect streamlined suiting and flowing maxis.All very traditional with modern twists of colours and prints.

When looking at the Oscar De La Renta show report I can`t decide whats better, the front row or the collections. The pictures are enough to blow you away, the first three dresses show fabulous jewel colours, in expansive over powering taffeta.

The colour continued with floaty chiffon dresses and colour blocked trousers.The shaped bodice on this canary yellow dress is beautiful and I can see the looks of colour blocking translating onto the high street next summer.
Oscar De La Renta showed lots of texture with fur and feathers. Tasselled dresses, and chanel like tweeds. I will definitely will be looking  for my own version of the tweed chanel like suiting, dresses and jackets.
Jenny Packham, was always going to be a big show due to Kate Middleton wearing two of her creations earlier in the year. Looking at the Packham show report you can easily see pieces that I can imagine being on the back of the Duchess of Cambridge soon. I also wouldn`t be surprised if a few of these creations show up in a Gossip Girl episode soon.

Diane Von Furstenberg, showed bright prints with bold colours. Also noticeable were the small details of sequins frills and bows which added a little something extra I feel.

It would be hard not to mention Victoria Beckhams shows, however I think her newly born daughter Harper stole the show.

I know I haven`t rounded up a lot but I have just picked out a few of my favourites from New York. I`m looking forward to seeing what comes from London, especially Mulberry tomorrow.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Chanel Ombre

Casually today after reading Octobers issue of Vogue and Elle, I decided it was perfectly acceptable on my very low budget to spend £17.50 on the Autumn/Winter 2011 Limited Edition Chanel Ombre Graphite nail polish.

I have never applied just a polish that glides on, and could easily not need a second coat. Nor have I used a polish that looks instantly beautiful. I am rather excited to say the least to hear the compliments roll in. And even more so spend yet another £17.50 on the other two editions. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hump Day

As it`s now mid week, Wednesday. There has been a few things I have been rather excited for. And it isn`t even the weekend.

Firstly, after joining a new gym recently, I have decided to run in the BUPA Great Manchester Run 2012. The run isn`t taking place until May 20th 2012, so  I have plenty of time to train and get myself completely fit for whole 10km. More importantly I am aiming to raise a whooping £1000 for Cancer Research Uk.
Sadly, many people around me have been touched by Cancer and I feel it would be a perfect way of remembering those who I`ve lost, as well as doing something for the people currently fighting.

So far this week I have had a hissy fit on the delivery on my Black Suede River Island Chelsea Boots, which I ordered online last week, but now have to wait another week till they can be re-delivered.
I have also received my new black pom pom Topshop pumps, and somehow managed to get Season 3 of 90210 delivered to my old addresses.

However all though I have had personal excitement. Something that may interest everyone else, is the new release of Gossip Girl Season Five pictures. Not only do we get to see some of the amazing and beautiful outfits, but get a clue into the story lines.

Blake Lively, or S. Looks amazing in this purple dress. The costume department of the show always seem to work the garments so beautifully with accessories. This picture proves this with the blue stone necklace.

Excitingly this picture shows Serena, with thought to be Cousin Charlie. Blake Lively has been pictured in all the magazines recently wearing this jacket. Mainly because she is another big A lister who clearly is a fan of British high street store Topshop. Well who isn`t?
 Already from this picture it is clear to see that this season like the four previously will not disappoint.

Finally, why is Blair, Dan and Louis together? And could Blair look anymore sensationally beautiful?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The expensive weekend.

The title of the blog says it all. In the past four days I have manged to frittle through a whole £200. This you may say is not a lot, if maybe I had been buying  staples for my new Autumn/Winter 11 wardrobe, or if I had treated myself to the new season Marc by Marc Jacobs across the body Wos bag.

But no quite a large chunk, was spent on my first night out with my new work friends. I treated myself to numerous alcoholic beverages, and possible over done it on the double Pimms and Lemonades.
The one thing though which I didn`t break the bank on was my Primark £17 jumpsuit. All though slightly summering, I think with the right sort of Jacket it can be bought right in on trend for A/W11.

I paired mine with my Topshop Scarlett Nude platform pumps, and a off the face hair do. I have never been a fan of my shoulders, however something about this jumpsuit changed my mind.

In comparison,what was slightly less expensive however was Friday. Friday in the Office is known as being casual. And last friday I decided I would give a bash at Jeans. I don`t mind jeans on an extreme casual level, however I never feel quite right going to work "Casual".
I decided that an ankle boot with a heel would instantly smarten up the jean, and chose my Kurt Geiger Tan waxed Leather boots. These also helped add a vintage edge which I feel my outfit was giving.
It was the first wear of my leopard print Warehouse cashmere jumper, and fringed Mango jacket, which was another excessive and expensive buy. But worth it.

I chose not to wear the floppy fedora however think it would be a perfect addition for a weekend shopping outfit.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Angelina Jolie at French Connection

At first glance this article seems pretty extreme. A celebrity spending so much money on high street fashion. However after doing my two week internship at the French Connection head office in Camden,London earlier this summer, I have to be honest and say I can hardly blame her.

I was lucky to see the majority of the A/W11 collection, which has beautiful classic shapes, which could only flatter figures and nothing else.
Also the quality as always is outstanding. Even better is the S/S12 collection I already have a mental list of what I want in my wardrobe, from French Connection.

Here are some of my favourites from  this season:

Berrie Jersey Dress,Ria Stretch Dress, Wonderland flared coat, Fierce Feline Tie Shirt. All at

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wretch 32

Today I was taken back to what I can easily say was not only the best weekend of my summer. But almost defiantly one of the best in my life. V Fest.
I started today with my newly found gift of the internet, which my housemate and I have been waiting for, for over a week. I knew my Ipod needed an update for the morning bus journey to my placement.
Therefore after seeing at V what an amazing performer he was, I decided the new album from Wretch 32, Black and White, would fit the bill perfectly.
I knew it wasn`t going to be easy listening, due to the low bass sounds and his rhythmic talent to rap. However every time I hear the number one hit, "Don`t go" I am automatically transported back to the arena tent, two weekends ago at Hylands Park, Chelmsford. I seem to hear when the chorus kicks in the crowd singing, and get a sense of over whelming happiness. It certainly made my journey to work much more enjoyable this morning.
Even the acoustic versions, and remixes that his album is packed with get your feet moving, head nodding. And if like me you listen through the small white Apple ear buds, you may find you tend to strut. I did.

The Album inspired me so much at 8.30am this morning, that at 1.30pm I found myself online buying tickets to his tour at Manchester Academy.
Its clear to say that my over listening to Adele, 21 has been replaced. And Wretch has found himself winning my 2nd Album of the year (obviously after Adele, 21. I doubt anyone will knock her off that top spot).