Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Whistles Wisteria Avec Blanc

T-shirt:Topshop Trousers: Whistles Shoes:Topshop Bag: Mulberry Watch: Michael Kors

This is the third time I've worn the Whistles Wisteria trouser. Working out so far at £41.66 cost per wear, this I don't think is bad considering I've only had them since May, and due to the 100% silk, its been hard to wear in the rain.I'd always thought I'd get more wear from the top, having the trousers seem to be proving me wrong.

I'm currently on an internship in London, and trying to create different looks to what I wore on my previous placement. Also with slightly warmer weather, I'm able to be more experimental and summery.

I wouldn't have originally of thought of wearing a plain simple white Tshirt at first, as I'm not a fan of wearing white and black with anything just because it goes. The Tshirt gives the trousers a much more relaxed casual look however I love how it matches my Topshop sandals, and still looks smart enough for a day in the office. I added the brown belt just to pull it all together, I was slightly worried the white would all be a bit to stark,but I think it works.


This outfit was my Mulberry Lily's first outing,it's roomier than I originally thought, and definitely leaves you feeling extremely girl, due to its candy pinkness.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Sale Buys


I really have gone all out this sale season, and looked for classic pieces which are at a fraction of the price. I like to think of it all as investments, rather than a mass spending spree. At least that way I feel better about parting with the money.

My Alexander Wang has to be my biggest bargain. I bought this at the Selfridges summer sale, as I mentioned Here. However after only a few days wear it came apparent that the bag had started to loose its colour. I didn`t want to part with the bag, and Selfridges couldn`t get hold of another. Luckily the colour loss can` t be noticed and looks just like general wear. However I was disappointed that this had happened a short amount of time. Selfridges agreed to refund me an amount, which I was happy with and allowed me to treat myself to the Mulberry Lily.

I still had a £50 voucher from Mulberry, which I was given as a gift for my birthday. Some reason I haven`t been able to decide what bag I would like to buy. With the voucher used for the bag, it seemed silly not to get it. I think its going to be a fun addition to my collection and I`ll use it occasionally to brighten up outfits.

The Muberry shoes, were something I saw and had to have. Once I knew they were in the sale, I just had to get my hands on them. Sadly the Mulberry website and stores sold out, however I was lucky to nab a pair on the Net-a-Porter sale. I was so impressed with the service, I ordered Monday morning, and the shoes were delivered Tuesday. The shoes need a little breaking in, due to the pointed shape. I plan to wear them quite casual with jeans or tapered trousers, and then more dressy with brighter colours. With all the different colour gems, it will be easy to match them up with anything.

My final buy is something I have been lusting over quite a while. I love the Anya Hindmarch labelled products, and would like more, who wouldn`t. I chose the lotions and potions version, as fisrtly it seemed a more reasonable price for a toiletries bag. I love the Vanity case and the Ipad case, fingers crossed they get reduced a little more. I am traveling away from home quite a bit this summer, so this case is perfect for all my, well lotions and potions.

I know I have spent a lot during these few sales. However I have avoided mass buying at Topshop, due to never wearing any of it, and selling it on Ebay a matter of months later. I know I will use all of the above pieces, and will most definitely be making them worth a cost per use price.  
I really do think due to all the summer sales starting early, and us having so far a non existent summer, reductions are more and it really is a great time to get some classic designer pieces.

Have you invested in anything this sale season? Or is there something your holding out for?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Home Sweet Home

Today I've managed to pack my life into a car, and travel across the country to what I call home.
After living in what can only be called a student hovel the past year, it's some what refreshing to move back to somewhere warm, clean and not just white walls.

Due to having the smallest wardrobe available to mankind its a joy to see my clothes, looking slightly more homely within a wardrobe. Not on a clothes rail squashed like a jumble sale at Primark. 

I now have a mirror attached to the wall, not resting on a home built wall of shoe boxes.And my new prints I bought last week in London, along with some oldies hang on the wall.

The above are just some of the pleasures of home, but without a doubt give me a few weeks and I'll be craving student life all over again.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sent from IPad

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know the past few days I have been like a child at Christmas, waiting to collect my shiny new iPad. I've been debating purchasing one for a while. But my laptop constantly overheating pushed me over the edge. So here I am getting used to being portable, touchscreen and rather snazzy.

Do you have an iPad? If so what apps do you recommend, and what do you love about it?


A Guide to Summer Sale Shopping

It seems to be that time of year already. Fighting with fellow sisters and breaking all girl power rules, because you totally know that pair of shoes would look so much better on you than her. Pulling and throwing, hysterical cries and the pangs of the till. Sale time.

Im waiting for all my sale items to arrive, as I have ordered a few online to be able to do a full post on them, but in the mean time here is a selection of my favourite few, that should not be missed.

For anyone with extremes of extra cash, the beautiful Matthew Williamson dress is a must. The dress does all the talking, no need for fussy accessories, kept it plain and simple with a chic bun, and your not far off perfect.

The Lola Rose ring maybe more in your price range. So simple and understated yet perfect for every daywear, or a special piece for an occasion. This ring would make a great gift. My-wardrobe also have a butterfly and dove version available. I am really tempted to get this. Stacking rings are something I want to give a go, lets hope there is some left by payday.

I couldn’tt do this post without including a Mulberry. Im shocked any is actually left online, however I was slightly disappointed by the sale this season. This bag however is a cutie, the pink is so girly, and it would liven up any outfit. If like me you carry everything but the kitchen sink around, you may find this bag a little small for everyday. However there is still quite a selection left. Im hoping I win the lottery or suddenly get a windfall of money so I can get this bag. Ive been lusting after a Lily for quite a while.

I always rely on Topshop for a great shoe sale, and these sandals dont disappoint. I already have the white with silver glitter, and recently purchased the navy with pink in the same style. They are ultra comfy and great with jeans or summer dresses. Lets just hope we have some sun to wear them.

I have recently had a slight obsession with Aubin and Wills. Currently they are stocking a pair of floral shorts, which sadly didnt go into sale. However the same shaped short is now reduced to £45 in blue and black. These will be perfect for beach to bar wear for any holiday. I think paying a bit extra for simple yet classic pieces like this, means that they wear and last that little bit longer. These will take you from one summer season to the next, without a doubt.

Zara home, is always full of gorgeous bed linen. I eyed this set up a little while ago. Prices vary depending on what size, but this is something I shall be definitely snapping up. 

French Connection, have been on sale a little while so now have reduced some items up to 60% off. I always find the clothes in French Connection such good quality, however quite pricey. The sale is a perfect time to grab some pieces at more affordable prices. The cotton shorts, are great with a timeless prints and could even be carried through to autumn with a knit. I love the colour yellow of the sequin pair, bang on trend this season, and can be worn for a party by pairing with a simple tee or vest. Sequin pieces are always great to stock up on in sales, just make such they arent missing any.

My final piece is the H&M swimsuit, which will look great with a tan. If youre lucky enough to be going away this summer, due to the sales starting earlier than usual, they seem to be full of swimsuits. Stock up on bright colours, anything with extra detailing is a plus.

Sales can be great, and you can get some great finds. But before parting with your money, make sure you know the returns policy. Often its too busy to be trying bits and bobs on, as long as you are happy with the policy, try at home and return a few days later when the stores have quietened down.

If your looking to pick up a designer bargain, make sure you know what youre buying. Would you have wanted it full price? If not put it down, the lowered price tags can be appealing and result in impulse buying. Also is it a one season pony? 

Try to look for classic pieces, and shapes that way you won`t just be buying into a spring summer 2012 trend reduced.

Often bigger retailers will be willing to knock a little more off for any imperfections, so keep an eye out. Though don`t buy if you think the imperfection is to imperfect.

Online is often a great shout, as no queues, no mess or hunting for your size. 

Have you braved any sales yet? Left battered and bruised, and Im not just talking about your bank account? Whats been your best buy?

If not, Happy Shopping!!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Selfish Present

Back in April it was my mums birthday. I usually get theatre tickets for a west-end show, however due to me needing not just wanting to see the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the design museum, this seemed the perfect present. I also managed to fit in some tickets for the V&A Ballgown exhibition and some afternoon tea at The Chesterfield Mayfair.

The V&A is just a wonderful place to visit, even if you don`t go to the Ballgown exhibition. The gift shop is  worth a visit however.I managed to pick up a novelty lipstick pen, and a dress up Kate sticker book for my sister, which I just thought was brilliant.

My favourite part had to be Beyonces dress she wore when singing for the Obamas when he was elected as president.
The whole exhibition wasn`t as big as I expected, and not as exciting as I thought it maybe. Though there are some beautiful dresses there, I managed to snap a few, but the attendents are really rather strict on the no photography rule.You may notice the second gown belong to the late Princess Diana.

As you can see above I made a slight mistake of wearing shorts. It did rain slightly, but in ways it worked in my favour due to the humid London weather and the sweaty tube travelling.
The day wasn`t just about museums. It seemed wrong that we we`re in London when the Harrods sale started, as well as the Mulberry stores sales. We popped to Harrods, it amazed me how people were willing to queue for long periods of time. In ways it was much better than Selfridges on Thursday where it was all grabbing, Harrods was a lot more orderly.
Mulberry was a success story for my mum as she purchased a Harriet Satchel in the sale. Its such a classic bag and a great buy.

My main treat of the day was a chocolate themed afternoon tea at The Chesterfield Hotel, Mayfair. For any chocolate fans you will not be disappointed.

The hotel staff were so attentive and friendly and even packed the left over cakes away for us to take home.

Without a doubt I would advise everyone to get to the design museum before Christian Louboutins exhibition ends. There is something about his shoes that are just magical, and urge you to go put on your highest heels. The Dita Von Teese hologram, is just mesmerizing. I managed to get a few sneaky pictures.

I had a perfect Saturday, and it was nice to have a change from the standard trip to Oxford Street with lunch and a show. Do you have any slightly different days out planned? Or any other top spots to visit?

Friday, 15 June 2012

The Selfridges Summer Sale

I had been updated by email, read in magazines and knew fullwell that the Selfridges sale would be mayhem.
The Manchester store opened at 8am and part of mecontemplated going in early to have a browse. However this just turned intodeciding at 8.30 I would, 30 minutes before work, run in get knocked over andfight to just look at the pieces, then power walk to work.
You would think the whole experience would leave mehorrified and not wanting to go back. Though after gossiping with my workfriend, and looking at the sale online, it was decided we would re-visit atlunchtime.
All though still slightly manic, we took the approach ofgrab what you want and see. I found myself shouting over the crowds trying tofind my friend, then both realising we had picked up thousands, if not millions of pounds of bags.
I flittered between Mulberry’s, and Wangs, Michael Kors or aMark Jacobs. Though somehow and I am still not quite sure how I managed tochoose, an Alexander Wang Rocco Bag in Navy.

The feeling of making such a big purchase is incredible. Thefact you have parted with a substantial chunk of money, and in real terms allyou have is a sewn together piece of leather, with some sort of branding on it.The walk back to work allowed Rachel and I to come to terms with what we haddone. She’d now be planning her outfits around her new Evelina Mulberry Hobo,and I would be popping down the studs of my new Alexander Wang.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Little Bit Of Carrie Bradshaw, I Wish

Top: Topshop Skirt: River Island Shoes: Carvella Watch: Michael Kors Bangle : Marc Jacobs Charm Bracelet: Links of London

I bought this skirt a while back, after eyeing it up full price, the mid season sale offering from River Island just meant I couldn`t resist it. I at first struggled to find anything to wear with it. Due to it being so "puffy" it seemed easy for the skirt to look unflattering, and was close to being returned. However luckily on a random spree, I managed to find a cutesy denim die, crop esque top which would match up perfectly. However weather hasn`t permitted me to wear the ensemble yet and till now the skirt has sat waiting for its first outing.

When searching for a matching piece, everyone said how much the skirt reminded them of the one and only Carrie Bradshaw. I could perfectly easily image wearing this skirt dressed up, adding some sort of glitter and making a fun outfit, however having it casual just didn`t seem to click in my head.
Some how this morning though, a bright spark lit and I magically paired it up with my recent yellow Topshop knit, I mentioned here. This knit has really worked out to be a perfect buy.

I wore the skirt today to work, the knit is perfect for this weather, as it keeps you just warm enough without looking like you have delved back into your Autumn/Winter knits. I was stopped by quite a few commenting on how bright and lovely I looked. I would like to say I tried accessorizing with a Bradshaw bun, however it was just due to me banning myself on straightening my hair for a week or so. My bargain Carvella sandals, purchased from Chesire Oaks, matched perfectly for a casual day look. However I feel there is a better shoe which could match, for a more formal, Carrie esque look? Surely Manolo`s

I really wanted to try get across how pretty the print and colours of the skirt are. The hem is all curled up, with a matching bright yellow underskirt, which really makes you just want to spin.
This skirt is defiantly a wardrobe favourite, which I think will work season after season, as long as I find a few more pieces to match.

On another note I am getting rather fed up of taking pictures in the corner of my dingy student living room, which has zero life and an energy saving light bulb which doesn`t do my camera any favours. Sadly my bedroom which is full of a bit more colour lacks space due to the clothes rail, which takes up the only small standing space. 

As you can see above, I ventured outside to take photos, which I think works slightly better.With only one week left in this house before I move home for summer, I shall try shooting my post photos outdoors rather than in the corner of my slightly dingy living room, and hope that next year I am given a better bedroom with more space or a bigger wardrobe, where an extra rail isn`t needed.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

This Winter Weather

It seems that for the near future the sun may have gone, Away go the Topshop sandals, and bare legs, and out come tran-seasonal trousers and lightwear knits, with spring coats. Though with this heavy rain you maybe wanting a heavy duty outdoors waterproof.

This is just a week outfit post to show what I have worn the past two days.

Firstly, Thursday it reminded me more of winter. Therefore I felt the need to be wrapped up. On a recent trip to Cheshire Oaks, I picked up this Reiss Jumper, down from £97 to £25. Its a perfect colour to match a lot of my wardrobe at the moment. I paired it with my Marni@ H&M trousers. This was something different for me as usually, I wear something I can tuck it or a shorter top with this trousers. But somehow I think due to the oversizing of the jumper it worked. I added a little bit of sparkle with my Miss Selfridge necklace featured previously, and some Topshop pom pom black slippers.

 Fridays at work are jean days. I`m not a major fan of wearing jeans as I often feel scruffy and they never look tidy. However sometime dressed with heels, I don`t feel it looks as bad. I decided mainly to wear this top as it was another Cheshire Oaks buy for £10 from Warehouse. It maybe was a bit bright for the miserable weather, and I did pair it with some Office summer wedges, however sometimes you need to brighten the day up.

It looks like next week the weather isn`t going to improve much. So I shall be looking into my wardrobe for ways which can brighten up the day, even if the sun isn`t out. It possibly though may just be down to a new umbrella.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Whistles Wisteria, Take Two and Three

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Whistles Wisteria pyjama suit. The suit didn`t come cheap and I made it allowable to wear by telling myself I could wear it as separates in so many ways.

Last week I found myself pairing the trousers with a lemon knit. The look was perfect for work, and due to the drop in temperature still allowed me to be summery yet not to chilling by wearing the knit.

My other wear was of the shell top. I paired it with a simple maxi navy chiffon pleated skirt. I must say I quite enjoyed wearing this outfit. Partly because it was the start of the glorious sunshine we were having and secondly, it was during my trip away to Devon, where I had been confined to day dresses and converse, so it was a nice change to actually have something pretty on. Sadly the only picture I have of this wear, is with the boyfriend on the beach. Any other ideas on how I can get more wear of my Wisteria pieces? I`m thinking of adding more colour next time.