Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Little Bit Of Carrie Bradshaw, I Wish

Top: Topshop Skirt: River Island Shoes: Carvella Watch: Michael Kors Bangle : Marc Jacobs Charm Bracelet: Links of London

I bought this skirt a while back, after eyeing it up full price, the mid season sale offering from River Island just meant I couldn`t resist it. I at first struggled to find anything to wear with it. Due to it being so "puffy" it seemed easy for the skirt to look unflattering, and was close to being returned. However luckily on a random spree, I managed to find a cutesy denim die, crop esque top which would match up perfectly. However weather hasn`t permitted me to wear the ensemble yet and till now the skirt has sat waiting for its first outing.

When searching for a matching piece, everyone said how much the skirt reminded them of the one and only Carrie Bradshaw. I could perfectly easily image wearing this skirt dressed up, adding some sort of glitter and making a fun outfit, however having it casual just didn`t seem to click in my head.
Some how this morning though, a bright spark lit and I magically paired it up with my recent yellow Topshop knit, I mentioned here. This knit has really worked out to be a perfect buy.

I wore the skirt today to work, the knit is perfect for this weather, as it keeps you just warm enough without looking like you have delved back into your Autumn/Winter knits. I was stopped by quite a few commenting on how bright and lovely I looked. I would like to say I tried accessorizing with a Bradshaw bun, however it was just due to me banning myself on straightening my hair for a week or so. My bargain Carvella sandals, purchased from Chesire Oaks, matched perfectly for a casual day look. However I feel there is a better shoe which could match, for a more formal, Carrie esque look? Surely Manolo`s

I really wanted to try get across how pretty the print and colours of the skirt are. The hem is all curled up, with a matching bright yellow underskirt, which really makes you just want to spin.
This skirt is defiantly a wardrobe favourite, which I think will work season after season, as long as I find a few more pieces to match.

On another note I am getting rather fed up of taking pictures in the corner of my dingy student living room, which has zero life and an energy saving light bulb which doesn`t do my camera any favours. Sadly my bedroom which is full of a bit more colour lacks space due to the clothes rail, which takes up the only small standing space. 

As you can see above, I ventured outside to take photos, which I think works slightly better.With only one week left in this house before I move home for summer, I shall try shooting my post photos outdoors rather than in the corner of my slightly dingy living room, and hope that next year I am given a better bedroom with more space or a bigger wardrobe, where an extra rail isn`t needed.

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