Saturday, 9 June 2012

This Winter Weather

It seems that for the near future the sun may have gone, Away go the Topshop sandals, and bare legs, and out come tran-seasonal trousers and lightwear knits, with spring coats. Though with this heavy rain you maybe wanting a heavy duty outdoors waterproof.

This is just a week outfit post to show what I have worn the past two days.

Firstly, Thursday it reminded me more of winter. Therefore I felt the need to be wrapped up. On a recent trip to Cheshire Oaks, I picked up this Reiss Jumper, down from £97 to £25. Its a perfect colour to match a lot of my wardrobe at the moment. I paired it with my Marni@ H&M trousers. This was something different for me as usually, I wear something I can tuck it or a shorter top with this trousers. But somehow I think due to the oversizing of the jumper it worked. I added a little bit of sparkle with my Miss Selfridge necklace featured previously, and some Topshop pom pom black slippers.

 Fridays at work are jean days. I`m not a major fan of wearing jeans as I often feel scruffy and they never look tidy. However sometime dressed with heels, I don`t feel it looks as bad. I decided mainly to wear this top as it was another Cheshire Oaks buy for £10 from Warehouse. It maybe was a bit bright for the miserable weather, and I did pair it with some Office summer wedges, however sometimes you need to brighten the day up.

It looks like next week the weather isn`t going to improve much. So I shall be looking into my wardrobe for ways which can brighten up the day, even if the sun isn`t out. It possibly though may just be down to a new umbrella.

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