Sunday, 30 September 2012


Earlier in the month I posted about back to uni bedrooms. I've spent the past few weeks perfecting mine, and am finally happy to share it with you.

As I said before, the bed tends to always be a main feature, and of tens the bedding is the only colour added to the room. This bedding I got from Ikea, it's extremely girly with its flower pattern and has a slight vintage feel. My Love cushions, are simply two pillows, the cases I picked up from Not on the HighStreet. The other cushion is a slight favourite, which I got from the H&M, Versace collaboration last year. Everybody always comments how fun it is.

I love pictures, so as you can see my walls are pretty much full of them. I love the Urban Outfitters regency frames, not only are they always on offer burn instantly brighten up a wall. They can also be used as a normal frame, however my lack of available surfaces makes having them on the wall perfect.

Prints have become some what an obsession of mine, and a small collection has started to arise. The girl with the hats is taken from a children's book. I got this print from the V&A, the girls face makes me smile as without a doubt I'd have the same expression if I was faced with a room of hats. Printed quotes are a great picture to frame. One was a gift for my 21st another I picked up from Up market in London, they can also be bought here. The smaller two prints, I got from Pintrest. I simply saved the images, printed them, framed them. A real cheap and effective way of making prints.

Storeage is always a major problem for me. I've invested in what I'm calling the clothes tent. At only £20 from Ikea, it fits quite a lot. Also looks a lot neater than a clothes rail.

It's taken me nearly a whole month to get my room how I wanted it. Take time and you'll get it perfect. What have you done to yours? Any tips of your own?

Manchester Rugby Varsity

I've been a little neglectful to the blog this month. Coming back to uni has taken over, freshers came and went and all I'm left with is a sore throat, blocked nose and a dent in the bank account. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen I tweeted compulsively about a certain event, #varsity.

A favourite event of mine which happens every year is the Rugby Varsity, Manchester Uni vs Manchester Met. Do to many alliances I obviously support Man Met. This year was extra special though. Not only is it my final year at uni, so therefore the last time I will most likely watch,but also my boyfriends last game for the team as captain, and many of my friends last Varsity game.

The team of lads that went out were a particularly strong side, that we thought had no chance of loosing. Unfortunately we were wrong and the game went from us scoring the first try of the match, to a early finish, streakers and disappointment.

Spirits couldn't be dampened and post match celebrations carried on in style. I always get an outfit especially for this event, rather sad I know. This year I picked up a dress I had been eyeing up in the ASOS sale for a while. Though rather summery, I dressed it up with neon H&M heels to give it more of an evening feel. I plan next summer to dress it with flat sandals, for a more day to day wear. It's definitely a dress perfect for occasions, and being 100% silk was a sale bargain.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

It seems this may be the year for high street collaborations. I am already eagerly awaiting Friday for JW Anderson for Topshop as mentioned here. But now pictures have emerged for what could be the glitzyest collab yet. Anna Dello Russo for H&M.

I always love the H&M collabs, so well thought of and organised when you arrive at the store, and they never fail to excite me. And this one seems no different.For those who don`t  know Anna Dello Russo is Vogue Japans Editor at Large, and is seen at every fashion week looking nothing but fabulous. Known for being at the for front of fashion and always being top of her game when it comes to accessorizing, its no wonder H&M have snapped her up.

The collaboration hits stores October 4th, which lucky for me is payday. The images which I have collected from Vogue seem to show a strong theme of Gold and Turquoise, which quite honestly looks beautiful. Every piece shows some part of Anna Dello Russo`s style, which what I feel makes the collection so great and lust worthy.

All though I`m not huge on jewellery, I plan to pick up a few pieces. I love the suitcase collection which includes a cute vanity bag, I think this may be a must for me. The earrings  from this collection, are easy to wear and fit perfectly in with this seasons trends of chandelier earrings. I also have my eye on the clutch featured in the campaign image. Though I reckon this piece may be flying off the shelf. Finally, I think it would be wrong to not try get hold of a pair of sunglasses, with them being Annas signature style piece and absolutely gorgeous they are a perfect piece to show you`ve been a part of this collection. Looks like it will be another early start, and elbows at the ready come October 4th.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Back to school

September only means one thing and that's back to schools and university. After last weekend when I moved into my new uni house, I thought it would be fun to do a little post, on ho to make your room as homely as possible.

Since moving away from home I've learnt how important it is to have a nice room. Not only is it your space, but it makes studying so much easier, and you never feel away from home.

The first thing I always think about is bedding. The walls are usually plain white, so very bland and no colour. My advise is always go for something bright and patterned. Not only does it brighten up the room but it always looks fresh and inviting.

Joules, English Garden Set £45
Debenhams Orange Floral set £45
Storage is always on the small side, so if like me you have lots of bits and bobs, different ways of storing is always ideal. I love boxes like the Debenhams ones below for items such as photos or keepsakes. Pretty tins, like the Jubilee Marks and Spencer's one is great, I use the exact same one for keeping nail varnishes.

Debenhams Trunks, seen in Red Magazine

Marks and Spencer's Jubilee Biscuit Tin £5
I love photos and pictures, these are another great way o brighten up your walls. Always check with your landlord first on rules to things on walls, I know it can be a tricky issue but doing so will avoid end of year charges.

Look for posters of your favourite bands, or brands. I was lucky enough to pick up a Christian Louboutin poster at the design museum earlier this year. Framed prints also look great, I always use pintrest as inspiration, even framing and printing my favourite pins from there.

Christian Louboutin Poster.

Framing of carrier bags, a great cost effective way of brightening up a wall
A wall of favourite magazine articles or images, easy and effective
A pin board of pictures, perfect for all those photos you can't choose between to frame

There is plenty more you can do to make your room homely. Cushions and throws are a favourite of mine, as well as desk pieces such as magazine holders and files. It's all about having fun. Use Pintrest for ideas and get stuck in. I would love to hear what you've done to make your perfect uni room.


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

JW Anderson for Topshop

So come September 14th I know what I'll be doing. After battling many of the H&M collaborations, such as Versace and Lanvin, I know it will be essential for me to be outside Topshop by 7am.

After looking at all the online galleries, and reading the articles, it's clear this is a collaboration for everyone, with prices starting at 99p. It's clear this is Topshops biggest and best collaboration, already it's obvious the collection is full of signatures JW Anderson looks usually seen on the runway. Such as, mannish tailoring, paisley prints, and tartan which are all huge this season. Hot pieces of the season are included with Varsity jackets and cute pinafores. This collection really has something for everyone.

I've found the prices of designer collaborations going up of recent, but this collection really hits those sweet spending points. Let's just hope I have enough saved in the piggy bank. After all my student loan isn't due till the 17th!!

Half of the fun of these sorts of designer collaborations is the pre planning. We're lucky to see all these images before hand, which not only let's us have clear targets for elbowing and where to head come launch day, but also a shopping list. Here's a few of the pieces I'll be hoping to get my hands on:

I seem to have a liking for all the tees and tops on offer but I think these are the four I'll aim for. I love the quilted paisley, and think it may be a top seller of the collection. The animal print tees have a hint of Mulberry about them so how could I resist. Finally the stripe nautical tee is a classic which will last season after season.

The tartan trouser will be another hit I think, and will be the perfect garment piece to wear throughout the season. Pairing this with a classic shirt, or chunky knit will be the best way to wear them.

These Zebra print jeans are so fun. I love the sense of girlyness about them, either paired with the matching tee, a bright knit will be the perfect casual look this season. I may even work them for a night dressed up with some chunky heels and a sequin tee.

It really is all about separates this season, so I'll be avoiding the dresses. However this little outfit is a must for me. Susie Lau of StyleBubble, posted this picture and I'm hoping I can look just as good in it.

Suise Lau of Style Bubble
What do you think of the collection? Is there anything in particular you want to get your hands on?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A weekly roundup

So this week has been somewhat busy, 3 cities, finishing an internship and moving house.

What I wore this week: Zara Necklace|Whistles Shirt|Louche Skirt from Joy|Topshop Sandals - This skirt has been waiting to be worn sine June and it finally got its outing, I think paired with heels it would look slightly better.

Reiss Pink Cashmere Jumper|Whistles Wisteria Print Trousers|ASOS White Brogues - The weather in London took a slightly darker turn which gave me a chance to try my new jumper. This is my way of being able to wear my favourite Wisteria Print in AW, what do you think?

Topshop Made In Britain Boucle Bomber Jacket|Oasis Navy Tee|Warehouse Denim Playsuit|Nike Liberty Print Air Force 1's - This outfit was basically dressed around the Nikes. A new purchase I'm not quite sure I should have made, or at least my bank balance isn't.

What I did this week:

New Liberty Print Nike Airs - New bedroom, slightly small yet cosey. - The new issue of Instyle, I'm in love with OPs editorial shots. - The Chanel Pop Up store in Covent Garden, sadly I didn't buy anything but, I may just have to purchase the new coming soon Vogue and Chanel nail varnish.

Me @ London Bridge, yes I did ask a tourist to take this due to it being such a lovely day. Also was glad to see Stylist magazine back. - Louise Grey @ Topshop, I'm still craving the spotty polka dot sequin jacket. - A view of London city. - Finally me on the tube, something I won't miss about London.