Thursday, 6 September 2012

Back to school

September only means one thing and that's back to schools and university. After last weekend when I moved into my new uni house, I thought it would be fun to do a little post, on ho to make your room as homely as possible.

Since moving away from home I've learnt how important it is to have a nice room. Not only is it your space, but it makes studying so much easier, and you never feel away from home.

The first thing I always think about is bedding. The walls are usually plain white, so very bland and no colour. My advise is always go for something bright and patterned. Not only does it brighten up the room but it always looks fresh and inviting.

Joules, English Garden Set £45
Debenhams Orange Floral set £45
Storage is always on the small side, so if like me you have lots of bits and bobs, different ways of storing is always ideal. I love boxes like the Debenhams ones below for items such as photos or keepsakes. Pretty tins, like the Jubilee Marks and Spencer's one is great, I use the exact same one for keeping nail varnishes.

Debenhams Trunks, seen in Red Magazine

Marks and Spencer's Jubilee Biscuit Tin £5
I love photos and pictures, these are another great way o brighten up your walls. Always check with your landlord first on rules to things on walls, I know it can be a tricky issue but doing so will avoid end of year charges.

Look for posters of your favourite bands, or brands. I was lucky enough to pick up a Christian Louboutin poster at the design museum earlier this year. Framed prints also look great, I always use pintrest as inspiration, even framing and printing my favourite pins from there.

Christian Louboutin Poster.

Framing of carrier bags, a great cost effective way of brightening up a wall
A wall of favourite magazine articles or images, easy and effective
A pin board of pictures, perfect for all those photos you can't choose between to frame

There is plenty more you can do to make your room homely. Cushions and throws are a favourite of mine, as well as desk pieces such as magazine holders and files. It's all about having fun. Use Pintrest for ideas and get stuck in. I would love to hear what you've done to make your perfect uni room.


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