Sunday, 30 September 2012


Earlier in the month I posted about back to uni bedrooms. I've spent the past few weeks perfecting mine, and am finally happy to share it with you.

As I said before, the bed tends to always be a main feature, and of tens the bedding is the only colour added to the room. This bedding I got from Ikea, it's extremely girly with its flower pattern and has a slight vintage feel. My Love cushions, are simply two pillows, the cases I picked up from Not on the HighStreet. The other cushion is a slight favourite, which I got from the H&M, Versace collaboration last year. Everybody always comments how fun it is.

I love pictures, so as you can see my walls are pretty much full of them. I love the Urban Outfitters regency frames, not only are they always on offer burn instantly brighten up a wall. They can also be used as a normal frame, however my lack of available surfaces makes having them on the wall perfect.

Prints have become some what an obsession of mine, and a small collection has started to arise. The girl with the hats is taken from a children's book. I got this print from the V&A, the girls face makes me smile as without a doubt I'd have the same expression if I was faced with a room of hats. Printed quotes are a great picture to frame. One was a gift for my 21st another I picked up from Up market in London, they can also be bought here. The smaller two prints, I got from Pintrest. I simply saved the images, printed them, framed them. A real cheap and effective way of making prints.

Storeage is always a major problem for me. I've invested in what I'm calling the clothes tent. At only £20 from Ikea, it fits quite a lot. Also looks a lot neater than a clothes rail.

It's taken me nearly a whole month to get my room how I wanted it. Take time and you'll get it perfect. What have you done to yours? Any tips of your own?

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