Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My first summer outfit

I thought I'd share this as I'm on my way to a Manchester Fashion Network event, Making it in PR.
With the sun being out, it's hard not to pop all the bright colours on possible. Which is just what I've done.
I chose before hand to do a quick spot of shopping (hence the changing room picture) which allowed me to grab a cute pastel twin set in the River Island sale.
Please excuse the shoes, as I have two dreadful blisters, which are preventing me wearing anything else.

Dress and jacket; Zara

Saturday, 24 March 2012


I am a little bit late writing this post. However I wanted to be able to actually show me wearing the pieces.
For the previous two H&M collections I have woken up at 6.30am and got to my local store to queue. This time to be honest I wasn`t overly excited when I read about Marni. I thought the pieces were should I say it boring, and a little teacher like. But then in the week run up, actually the day before I decided it would be a fashion crime not to own any of it.

I hadn`t booked the day off work so couldn`t do my usual early wake up call. The only way was to brave the internet. This was rather stressful, and honestly only resulted in the pair of shorts due to by the time I clicked buy, the necklace, maxi dress and trousers had sold out.

With me being a lover of actually seeing the fabrics and colours, on my lunch break which I took early just in case my normal 1 o’clock lunch time was too late. Magically the majority of the collection was left. However due to a lack of funds and time I had to make quick decisions.

I finally chose, the earrings these were an immediate substitute for the necklace, which I am still trying to track down. The black polka trousers, Jacquard metallic top and the Marni t-shirt. I then returned after work to check that I hadn`t missed anything. Looking back I wish I had picked up the Maxi dress, which was gone by the time I had finished work. I also tried the pink shorts however due the light colouring they were rather see through.

I ended up returning the Metallic Jacquard top as I couldn`t find a size which fitted me perfectly, one to small, one didn`t sit right and the other too large.

Sadly I wore the t-shirt pretty soon after the launch but forgot to take a picture. All though it really is a plain t-shirt with a fancy pattern, I find it easy to dress up or down, and will work perfect casually with shorts come the summer. Or as I first wore with tapered coloured trousers and a statement necklace for work.

I fell in love with the trousers as soon as I tried them on. They are extremely comfortable which in fashions terms an added bonus is. I also think they are rather flattering. I`ve only worn them the once as pictured, however today bought a Grazia yellow jacket from Zara which I plan on matching up perfectly. They also go perfect with my Silver ladylike pointed toe courts, a new favourite of mine.

I wore the earrings in a desperate attempt to brighten up an outfit. Last Saturday I had a family party, which I ran late getting ready for and had a dress disaster where my planned outfit was ripped. So my only option was a plain Black silk t-shirt dress from Topshop. The earrings added a burst of colour and were certainly eye catching. The clips aren`t very strong however, the left earring did fall into the buffet, luckily I managed to rescue it.

(Please excuse the bad picture, I took it at about 1am, on my iphone)
Finally the shorts. Looking back I wish I had got the matching pyjama top just to make a bang on trend spring/summer outfit. 

The shorts took over a week arriving due to me ordering them online. After trying on the pink shorts I thought I may have to return them however they fitted lovely. And will be great for the summer. I`m currently looking for a better top which is more summery and bright than the black tee I teamed it with. Suggestions welcome.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Florence and the machine

A total raw talent. Absolutely amazing and in some way an odd yet magical performer.

The ticket was worth every penny.

I was slightly disappointed with her wardrobe as she wore the same cape and unitard throughout.

I went straight from work therefore didn't have the chance to chance into something more floaty and Florence like. 

My Marc Jacobs bag is perfect for things like this. I used it all last summer at festivals, and take it to gigs. It fitted enough for what I needed in work that day, however wasn't bulky or heavy to spin around while dancing.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sleep-In Rollers

After reading many a blog and reviews about these, I just couldn't help but buy them.

When they landed on my desk yesterday, I was actually slightly excited to get home put them in and sleep.

They claim to allow you to sleep comfortably and still wake up with bouncing locks.

And my they do.

Obviously it takes a slight adjustment to sleep in rollers generally but these really did just squash, and not wake me up once.

Not only did I get some well earned sleep but also a rather bouncy bouffant this morning.

Even the bag they come in is cute.

This is a must purchase for any girl, I'm going for sleep in night number 2.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Alexander Mcqueen Autumn-Winter 2012-2013

I don’t think there was anyone who was not excited about the outcome of the Mcqueen show.

I have always been a fan of the dramatic effects the show causes wherever it be the set up and story behind the pieces, or the pieces it self.

This time no doubt it was all about the pieces.

The mirrored visors used to block out the faces of the models gave a sense of suspense and that there was a deeper meaning to everything more than what we can see.

Sarah Burton really has come good once again.

The opening with winter whites reminded me of ice-skating at Christmas. However in some futuristic ways, with the heel-less ankle boots or Mary-Janes worn over woolly socks.

Through out the show things seemed to get bigger and better, even more exciting. For example we started with skater skirts and ended up with huge ostrich feather skirts and dresses, which could quite possibly have a life of there own of the model.

The explosion of colour is what really excited me.

This collection I think can only be described as beautiful, and I can actually see hints of Chanel influence through out. Sarah Burton has once again succeeded in doing well, and proving she was the right choice for the house. Alexander Mcqueen, keeps going from strength to strength.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Charlotte Olympia Forever Shoe

The Charlotte Olympia Forever shoe really is something quite special.

With a six-inch heel, and made in luxurious silk satin what is their not to like. The blue colour is so subtle it will go with almost anything and the heart detail on the peep toe, adds an extra girlyness. I love the cuteness of the frill added around the edge. The trademark of the Charlottes Web on the sole just beams the classic style of Charlotte Olympias collections.

The shoes are available to pre-order now and will be dispatched in June, so quite a wait. But almost certainly worth it. And even more so worth the £660 price tag.

Something about expensive shoes make me like a child in a candy shop.

Friday, 2 March 2012

DVF for Gap Kids

Some may say this is slightly odd but when I read about this collaboration I got slightly excited.
 Obviously I`m not going to fit myself into the clothes, but I shall definitely pointing my mum in this direction for my five year old sister Annie`s summer wardrobe.

I have always love Diane Von Furstenberg`s use of bright colour through out her ladies collections and they certainly sit in which this summers brights trends.
And this collaboration with gap  for girls is no different. The bright colours just ooze happiness and seems the perfect summer dress for a little girl.

Not only are the models cute, but the collection is full of classic DVF shapes such as the wrap dress and her iconic prints. I really feel it shows what the brand is about rather than any of the trends currently around.

My favourite is easily the wrap shirt dress with the neon green, orange and navy print. I`m also hoping the flip flops modeled with the bumble bee tee, make the cut to Annies Summer 12 wardrobe.

If only five year olds understood how fashion forward they will be wearing this, it would definitely put them top of the playground.