Saturday, 28 July 2012

Neons and Crops

Possibly a new favourite of my summer wardrobe. I picked this skirt up last week in the ASOS sale, and with an extra 10% off it was hard not to resist buying. Because of the skirt being such a statement, I felt it needed a plain top. However white I felt would be too stark and slightly gypsy wedding. Some how the pale blue crop, works perfectly. Never did I think I'd be wearing a crop to, however a high waisted skirt is a perfect reason too. Let's just hope the sun sticks around so I can get a bit more wear from it.

Friday, 27 July 2012

The Sun Keeps Shinning

With the sun now up in the sky, it's turned into a pleasure of picking my most summariser outfit each day. This morning I've wandered around my local town with my younger sister, an ice cream and bread to feed the ducks. All before an afternoon of work.


I've paired my Zara dress I first wore back in March when we had the freak weather, with my new pink Zara necklace. I love how the necklace blends with the print, making it casual but still looks like a statement print.


This weekend is the local festival, which is usually filled with fun fair rides and strongbow cans, and best avoided. However due to it also being the opening ceremony of the Olympics, which is being shown on a big screen it's hard not to gain a little excitement. I'll pair my dress up with a light weight jacket tonight to keep off the chill, maybe a rose in hand too.




Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It really is sunny outside

At last the sun is shinning. I've spent the day in the garden, and am looking forward to a weekend at the beach if the weather sticks round.

This also means we can dust of those summer pieces, and make some great fashion statements. I shall most definitely be wearing my floral prints, and neons, I have had in the wardrobe waiting. Fingers crossed the sunshine sticks around.

Monday, 23 July 2012

The last of the 21sts

Friday night saw in a way the end of yet another chapter to my friends and I. We have spent the year gathering in different places, clubbing together and surprising, for what has been a year of 21st birthdays.

Without a doubt each one has been special and not only because of the fretting over outfits, but the gifts. Due to it being a big year or us all we had decided to all buy a gift together. At times this was difficult. We all wanted to give something which would be a keep sake, but why do you buy a bunch of girls who have everything? Well here's a few of my favourite ideas.


The first, was actually what we bought or my friend Laura's birthday which we celebrated Friday. This Mulberry friendship is modern, yet so classic. Jewellery is an easy choice as there is always something your friend will like, wherever it be from Tiffanys, which if all clubbed together is affordable, trust me we did it, or a more of a contemporary piece like this Mulberry one. I received a beautiful gold Marc Jacobs charm bracelet which I will also cherish for mine back in February.

I really think some sort of photo gift is a must. My friends an I opted to making scrap books going back to our early childhood. That way We could include some embarrassing ones, and really nice group ones. It was always a gift that it everyone laughing too.

M third idea is something a bit different. I always think a gift should be something they would love but never buy themselves. The Christian Louboutin book is perfect for this. I received one from a family friend and it takes pride of place on my book shelf. The other lovely thing with a book as a gift is that you can pop a personal message inside, as well as the date. This is a nice idea for big important birthdays lik 21st I think.

If ever in doubt a voucher is great. One of my friends had lots of holidays planned, so we filled her with Topshop vouchers, to make a holiday wardrobe. You can also buy vouchers for pretty much anywhere, so these are great if someone is saving towards one item, I always feel cash is a bit impersonal, and a voucher means they win flutter the money away before by have saved enough. My Mulberry voucher from my housemates, allowed me to buy my link denim Lilly,something I'll always love.

Do you have any big birthday/celebrations coming up where a gift is needed? Or have you received the perfect gift?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Zara Crazy

I'll admit it, a recent craze has come from within for Zara. The Cardiff store back home isn't as filled as my usual Manchester haute, even though it's bigger in size. Nor does it seem to treat me like the London stores kindly have in the past. Thank goodness for the iPad app and online.

With there free collect in store delivery option it's hard not to find yourself filling your basket.Below are just a few things that I've managed to covert and click to collect.



So far I have only actually collected the green necklace. This is due to my slight "see it,like it, must have it now" attitude. Online sold out, and ironically only London stores had stock, a week after I had left London. However I managed to track one down to the Canary Wharf store, where my Aunt kinky picked it up for me. I'm yet to wear it, though can't wait to pair it with dresses, an my new favourite white shirt. I also have a skirt awaiting a wear it would much perfectly with.

The second necklace, I'm thinking will update my Whistles Wisteria Suit. Over the top, the subtle pinks I think will compliment each other.

Anything with a spike, seems to attract me. I'm hoping these shoes are as beautiful in real life when I collect them later in the week as they do online. The shape is so classic, but updated with the punky detailing, which is also bang on trend for Autumn/winter.

I'm still slightly unsure about the jacket. However leather is huge for a/w and my green version all from Zara, with leather sleeves has worn so well. I'm hoping it'll be another of there sell out coats, like we saw so many of this summer.

My final purchase is this sale dress. I eyed it up full price, but then sort of forgot about it. I've since then spotted it on my new found favourite blog What Courtney Wore. I will mot likely wear it similar to how heh as done, with my pink River Islnd blazer.


From stalking the website almost daily over the weekend, I've now got a wish list of Zara products. The new Advanced section, gets me all excited for A/W and may even see me buying this bag come payday, even if I do already have the tan version.



Monday, 9 July 2012

Chloe, Isabel Marant and Topshop

You must be living in a dark hole if you haven't seen the take over of high top heeled trainers. Miranda Kerr is always on the Daily Fail site wearing a pair, Rihanna has been pictured in them and now Topshop, River Island and without a doubt all other high street retailers will be stacking the shelves with them.

I didn't think this would be a trend I'd buy into, but something couldn't stop me when I saw these tan ones n Topshop on Saturday.
I'm thinking they'll be great paired with dresses and shorts come some warmer weather. But in the meantime I've paired them with jeans, a white longline shirt for a smarter look. I'm thinking they'll be great to also dress up jeans as I'm always hating how casual and scruffy they can look.

The heel height is a lot higher than it looks at first. However still really comfortable.

Jacket:River Island Shirt:Warehouse Jeans: Topshop Bag:Mulberry Wedge Trainers: Topshop

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Churches to ASOS

Over a week ago I spotted a pair of studded white Churches brogues in the window at Brompton street. I managed to track them down to net-a-porter, and begged on Facebook and Twitter for somebody to either guy them generously as a gift or donate to the charitable fund of I need White brogues ASAP.

Since nobody offered, I took it upon myself to search online and find a more affordable version, which I wouldn't need a charitable trust for.
As usual ASOS came up with the goods. I'm usually dubious about buying lot wear from the online empire it is, as n the past the quality hasn't been great.
These brogues however are an extremely oft leather, and even more comfortable than a battered pair of converse I own.
Jacket:Zara Top:Whistles Necklace:Miss Selfridge Jeans:Topshop Brogues:ASOS

I've worn them today for general running around, with a rather casual outfit attire. The rain, and an afternoon shift at work didn't permit for anything more exciting. I have noticed that any mark shows quickly, but I guess the the nature of the beast of them being white. I shall be investing in a leather whitener with out a doubt.
I'm excited to pair them with statement trousers, and work the boyish trend with dresses.
For a purse friendly price of £30 I think I can make do, and keep lusting after the churches version.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Heading home for summer

After two weeks living the high life in London, I'm returning home for longer than two days. Even though I have had a fabulous time interning the past two weeks, I'm looking forward to slowing down a little and enjoying some free time before I start my next internship come August. So as I travel back, on a two hour delayed coach, no iPhone due to being pick pocketed earlier in the week, and so much rain outside I question wherever I should be in an ark, here are a few photo highlights from my past two London weeks.



My iPad has proven it self to be the best friend to travel with. Not only can I blog, as I am now on the move. But watch and catch up on films and television, this was great on my Sunday train journey back to London. A trip to Harrods resulted in Laudre macaroons. If only it was possible to eat them everyday.
My new pink Mulberry lily is without a doubt a favourite, so excited to style some outfits around it, but first will have to narrow the contents of my handbag down.
A quick trip to Somerset house after work one day got me all giddy for the fashion weeks in September. I'm looking forward to getting home to my new Vogue issue which has a autumn/ winter trend report.
The white brogues were something beautiful I spotted in the Churches window. Sadly my funds couldn't stretch to the £350 price tag, but I'm looking for an alternative currently.

Now it's time to enjoy a bit of free time with simple part time retail work, and maybe get saving for those brogues after all.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Under the sea

I'm into my second week of interning, and still trying to dress so I don't overheat on my commute on the London tube, as well as being on trend.

This is a dress I bought quite a while ago voter seeing it in magazines. Believe it or not it code me £17 from Primark. It reminds me slightly in shape of the limited edition Mary Katrantzou for Topshop dress.The wether wasn't too bright today, a jacket was needed. As you can see the dress is quite bright and bold, my Zara jacket has tamed it down by adding an ounce of casual, and a sprinkle of no summer weather cover. My Zara tan bucket bag also helps tone down the summeryness. I'm hoping in weeks to come I can wear this dress without, a jacket.


My Topshop sandals seem the perfect colour match for the dress, and have easily become a wardrobe favourite.

I'm not a regular Primark shopper, however do enjoy it for finding little gems like this. Have you found any hidden gems recently?