Monday, 23 July 2012

The last of the 21sts

Friday night saw in a way the end of yet another chapter to my friends and I. We have spent the year gathering in different places, clubbing together and surprising, for what has been a year of 21st birthdays.

Without a doubt each one has been special and not only because of the fretting over outfits, but the gifts. Due to it being a big year or us all we had decided to all buy a gift together. At times this was difficult. We all wanted to give something which would be a keep sake, but why do you buy a bunch of girls who have everything? Well here's a few of my favourite ideas.


The first, was actually what we bought or my friend Laura's birthday which we celebrated Friday. This Mulberry friendship is modern, yet so classic. Jewellery is an easy choice as there is always something your friend will like, wherever it be from Tiffanys, which if all clubbed together is affordable, trust me we did it, or a more of a contemporary piece like this Mulberry one. I received a beautiful gold Marc Jacobs charm bracelet which I will also cherish for mine back in February.

I really think some sort of photo gift is a must. My friends an I opted to making scrap books going back to our early childhood. That way We could include some embarrassing ones, and really nice group ones. It was always a gift that it everyone laughing too.

M third idea is something a bit different. I always think a gift should be something they would love but never buy themselves. The Christian Louboutin book is perfect for this. I received one from a family friend and it takes pride of place on my book shelf. The other lovely thing with a book as a gift is that you can pop a personal message inside, as well as the date. This is a nice idea for big important birthdays lik 21st I think.

If ever in doubt a voucher is great. One of my friends had lots of holidays planned, so we filled her with Topshop vouchers, to make a holiday wardrobe. You can also buy vouchers for pretty much anywhere, so these are great if someone is saving towards one item, I always feel cash is a bit impersonal, and a voucher means they win flutter the money away before by have saved enough. My Mulberry voucher from my housemates, allowed me to buy my link denim Lilly,something I'll always love.

Do you have any big birthday/celebrations coming up where a gift is needed? Or have you received the perfect gift?

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