Friday, 6 July 2012

Heading home for summer

After two weeks living the high life in London, I'm returning home for longer than two days. Even though I have had a fabulous time interning the past two weeks, I'm looking forward to slowing down a little and enjoying some free time before I start my next internship come August. So as I travel back, on a two hour delayed coach, no iPhone due to being pick pocketed earlier in the week, and so much rain outside I question wherever I should be in an ark, here are a few photo highlights from my past two London weeks.



My iPad has proven it self to be the best friend to travel with. Not only can I blog, as I am now on the move. But watch and catch up on films and television, this was great on my Sunday train journey back to London. A trip to Harrods resulted in Laudre macaroons. If only it was possible to eat them everyday.
My new pink Mulberry lily is without a doubt a favourite, so excited to style some outfits around it, but first will have to narrow the contents of my handbag down.
A quick trip to Somerset house after work one day got me all giddy for the fashion weeks in September. I'm looking forward to getting home to my new Vogue issue which has a autumn/ winter trend report.
The white brogues were something beautiful I spotted in the Churches window. Sadly my funds couldn't stretch to the £350 price tag, but I'm looking for an alternative currently.

Now it's time to enjoy a bit of free time with simple part time retail work, and maybe get saving for those brogues after all.

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