Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dorothy eat your heart out

I have been eyeing these up since last September, when I first spotted them in Selfridges. However the £130 price tag was a little much.
Then like magi yesterday on my trip to the Trafford Centre, they have been reduced to £49, and had just my size. If that wasn`t fate, I`m not quite sure what is.

I don`t have an outfit to match as of yet. I`m thinking wearing them as a statement with a chiffon pleated skirt, or dressing up some tapered trousers, or maybe even adding some cute frilly ankle socks either way I think there a shoe which can work in lots of ways and have added an investment to my wardrobe, with out a dent to my bank balance.

What do you think? Have you found any mid season sale bargains?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A surprise found in M&S

On my rather big shopping treat last week, I found an unexpected gem in Marks and Spencer's limited collection.

I've been looking for a white top to wear with a few things for a while. However didn't want a plain tee. Sadly the picture doesn't show it great. But the top has a slash neck and a elbow length sleeves.
The floral lace pattern is placed on an inner bodice which makes the top extremely flattering. As you can slightly see there are extra "3D" flowers which has to be my favourite part.

I've only worn the top with basic black trousers, and my Silver Topshop courts, a River Island pink blazer to add a splash of colour to the otherwise monochrome look.
But I really am looking forward to working this top with skirts and trousers galore.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Brand new Topshop  floral printed jacket, Pink chiffon midi pleated skrt, Black Suede Chelsea boots and a plain Black tee, Gold "Abigail" necklace, Michael Kors watch, Marc Jacobs bangle and Links of London sweetie bracelet.

I fell in love with this floral print on my jacket, when Olivia Palermo turned up at the Topshop Unique show at LFW earlier this year. I am eagerly awaiting the trousers to arrive in store. However for now I am going to team it quite casually with jeans, and plain pieces, making it a statement piece. Later on in the summer I think I`ll use it to brighten up pieces like denim shorts and plain summer dresses

This skirt is one I don`t wear often. All though its really versatile, I like to keep it as an item you don`t wear much, but can whip it out and know it will look good.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hump day shop

I did something quite naughty today, my mini after work quick shop, turned into a three hour spree and skipping my gym class.
The plus side however is I picked up some perfect summer wardrobe pieces. I've been worried recently that I haven't found anything, and my ss12 wardrobe hasn't grown as fast as it should.
I'm hoping the matching trousers to the Topshop jacket, which Olivia Palermo was pictured in over LFW arrive in store soon. They will however be my last pair of patterned/printed/coloured trousers I buy. I've become slightly obsessed with them.
The New Look dress, is going to be my perfect dress up, dress down dress. Espadrilles by day and a sequinned blazer by night.
I saw the fish print Primark dress in all the magazines months ago. The shapes so flattering and for £17 the quality is pretty impressive for
I fell slightly in live with this Next red swimsuit. The frilled skirt is the perfect tummy hider and gives the costume a 1950s vintage feel.
The H&M towel and M&S flamingo glasses were impulse buys I couldn't resist. I even bought four of the glasses, so I could still use them in my own home some time in the future. My final buy was a little Mac make up treat, a new highlighter powder and a Full of Day coloured blusher.

The only thing to finish off a perfect mid week treat, is my favourite episode of Sex and the city, The Real Me.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Marni with Thai

This evening has been some what of a treat to myself. I managed to avoid Easter Eggs, however a celebratory meal for friends birthday somehow made it to my diet.
The meal took place straight after work, so therefore did not have chance to change. This made my outfit picking this morning slightly longer and more thought went into it, this also made me rather late.
I chose to go for the Marni @ H&M trousers. However this time brightening them up with a H&M mint green peplum top. My Topshop Silver courts were a perfect addition however, at around 3pm the bow decided to fall off. Fingers crossed I can exchange for another pair. What do you think?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Lana Del Ray Bag

It may be a slight crime to admit it took me only till recently to become a slight fan of the Alexa. And now Mulberrys newest girl in town bag, has got me sitting right on the fence.

It has been across Twitter today that the bag is being released a month early. This for some will mean an early purchase to add to a collection, for other quickly emptying piggy banks because they aren`t anywhere near saving the £795 price tag. For me it leaves me confused wherever I even like the bag.

I must admit I am not a major Lana fan, I love the Video Games song, and it way it was used in the "I`m sorry" Blair and Chuck Gossip Girl scene bought me to tears. However, her album hasn`t amazed me. Nor has her style. She seems rather casual, and I only see her in jeans.

Due to working at the LFW Mulberry show, I got to see a glimpse of her entering the show. The only think that stood out to me then was her White limited edition Lana bag. I then somehow passed her in the street as I left that day outside Claridges, unarmed with out the bag and without an entourage. Her hair was pretty impressive.

The bag has been launched in Bond Street today in Black and Brown. Wherever or not it has been a sell out is yet to be determined. The bag will now launch in what I believe all colours Saturday.

What do you think? Is it on your wish list? Will it be as successful as the Alexa?

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Thursday

The sun seems to be shining slightly, and today is dress down day at the office.

I've decided to wear jeans which is something I never do.
I've teamed them with a stripe tee just for a classic look, but then mixed it up with a hot pink River Island blazer, and coral Miu Miu inspired shoes. My Versace for H&M scarf just incase there was a chill. Though carry a billion bags ready for my weekend gave me a slight sweat.

Hopefully this is the start of more dry nice weather where chiffon skirts and flip flops are allowed. At least my suitcase and extra bag has an outfit for all temperatures.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

April Showers

It was only a week away I was wearing a sunshine yellow jacket, and my newest summer dress.
Now I'm waking up to the howling of wind, rain hitting the window, and flurries of snow.

This is affecting my wardrobe drastically. I'm ready to wear pastels, chiffon skirts without tights, and wear my newly bought Topshop Felix sandals. Instead I'm trying to create new outfits, as I'm bored with the others with my winter wardrobe.
Even this weather isn't suitable for spring clothes or fashion.

To top this off I've left my yellow hunter wellies in my car, which my boyfriend has driven home 200 miles away. Let's hope the snow won't stick.

Todays outfit consists of a pink silk short with frill detail, from I bought these a while back and wasn't sure where I'd wear them, but they look great teamed with a little knit jumper, and will carry forward for the hot pink trend this summer.
 Pink Shorts -

My leopard print cashmere jumper is an oldie from Warehouse, earlier on this winter. I haven't paired it with these shorts before but, decided this dark weather needed something bright and eye catching. I'm seeing a lot of black on the bus this morning.

My necklace was a steal from Miss Selfridge last week for £3, down from £15. It's so cute and due to it being small can be worn with a longer style necklace too.

I think it may even be available for £1 online now. I've finished my outfit of with my Marc Jacobs bag, one of my favourites I don't use often.

Is anyone else struggling with April shower wardrobe trauma? Will it be over soon?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Saturday beauty shop

I'm not normally a big beauty product buyer, I stick to my usual MAC uniform of make up, occasionally treat myself to a nail polish, and rely on my glossy box to try new products.
However due to running out of pretty much everything yesterday, I had to have a quick dash around town, and picked up some newbies on the way.

I'm quite an avid dry shampoo user. It's so handy, and always leaves that just cleaned feeling. I also use it when back combing for a bun. Normally I go for any standard bottle, though yesterday the cherry scented one caught my eye. It smells perfect, and I don't think so dry shampooey. The bottle pattern is cute too.

I use this MAC primer all the time, so this was just a replacement bottle. It leaves the skin perfectly sliky smooth, with a slight glittery hint. And really does make a difference to the lasting of my make up.

I've been on the hunt for a good everyday moisturiser for a while. Glossy box samples have swayed me towards Clarins, in which I have collected more samples to find the perfect match for my skin. Though while buying my primer I say MACs comfort control cream. I'm quite lucky in the sense my skin is pretty normal, not greasy and I don't get many breakouts. I've decided to give it a go, hoping it will also help with the lasting of my make up and work with the primer. So that's right my whole face is now MAC. Suppose they do say stick to what you know.

My final buy was this little bubblegum lip scrub. I always think of Lush for bath bombs and soap, but it's also full of natural beauty products. This lip scrub not only leaves your lips smooth and kiss ready for your favourite pink lipstick, but also tastes amazing. You only need to apply a small amount so the tub is going to be a long lasting one.