Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Saturday beauty shop

I'm not normally a big beauty product buyer, I stick to my usual MAC uniform of make up, occasionally treat myself to a nail polish, and rely on my glossy box to try new products.
However due to running out of pretty much everything yesterday, I had to have a quick dash around town, and picked up some newbies on the way.

I'm quite an avid dry shampoo user. It's so handy, and always leaves that just cleaned feeling. I also use it when back combing for a bun. Normally I go for any standard bottle, though yesterday the cherry scented one caught my eye. It smells perfect, and I don't think so dry shampooey. The bottle pattern is cute too.

I use this MAC primer all the time, so this was just a replacement bottle. It leaves the skin perfectly sliky smooth, with a slight glittery hint. And really does make a difference to the lasting of my make up.

I've been on the hunt for a good everyday moisturiser for a while. Glossy box samples have swayed me towards Clarins, in which I have collected more samples to find the perfect match for my skin. Though while buying my primer I say MACs comfort control cream. I'm quite lucky in the sense my skin is pretty normal, not greasy and I don't get many breakouts. I've decided to give it a go, hoping it will also help with the lasting of my make up and work with the primer. So that's right my whole face is now MAC. Suppose they do say stick to what you know.

My final buy was this little bubblegum lip scrub. I always think of Lush for bath bombs and soap, but it's also full of natural beauty products. This lip scrub not only leaves your lips smooth and kiss ready for your favourite pink lipstick, but also tastes amazing. You only need to apply a small amount so the tub is going to be a long lasting one.

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