Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Lana Del Ray Bag

It may be a slight crime to admit it took me only till recently to become a slight fan of the Alexa. And now Mulberrys newest girl in town bag, has got me sitting right on the fence.

It has been across Twitter today that the bag is being released a month early. This for some will mean an early purchase to add to a collection, for other quickly emptying piggy banks because they aren`t anywhere near saving the £795 price tag. For me it leaves me confused wherever I even like the bag.

I must admit I am not a major Lana fan, I love the Video Games song, and it way it was used in the "I`m sorry" Blair and Chuck Gossip Girl scene bought me to tears. However, her album hasn`t amazed me. Nor has her style. She seems rather casual, and I only see her in jeans.

Due to working at the LFW Mulberry show, I got to see a glimpse of her entering the show. The only think that stood out to me then was her White limited edition Lana bag. I then somehow passed her in the street as I left that day outside Claridges, unarmed with out the bag and without an entourage. Her hair was pretty impressive.

The bag has been launched in Bond Street today in Black and Brown. Wherever or not it has been a sell out is yet to be determined. The bag will now launch in what I believe all colours Saturday.

What do you think? Is it on your wish list? Will it be as successful as the Alexa?

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