Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I have never been a big believer in 21sts, however this year my mind changed. And I possibly had the best birthday ever this year.

The celebration has only really now come to what I would call a halt as I have another night out planned for the end of the week. Maybe it’s become a birthday month.

After my blog earlier this month on trying to decide what to buy, I have decided to keep my money till I really want something.

Plus I had such nice gifts, and memories I don’t feel I need to rush into buying anything.

My celebrations started with going to Edinburgh for a few days with my boyfriend. I ate like a princess in some of the best restaurants I have ever been to, and drank copious amounts of cocktails by night and Starbucks by day.
 Lobster at Chez Jules

The Cafe where Harry Potter was written.

Then the messy part where my friends and I decided to travel to Essex for our own TOWIE weekend. Needless to say it is something I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Sunday I was treated to a surprise gathering at home, where I think I can easily say I had a pretty spectacular cake.
 And to finsih it off and make going back to the daily grind, I was treated by my work friends to a lovely framed print and treats.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Mulberry Autumn/Winter 12

I normally write this blog, after coveting the Vogue report pictures. However this season I was extremely privileged to be able to intern for the weekend at Mulberry.

I still can’t quite get over it. Not only had I seen the collection and knew the front row by Saturday tea time, but I had also played a huge part with packing the goody bags, and the bow tying of the evening gifts.

Sadly pictures weren’t allowed however I will never forget the moment Olivia Palermo sauntered past, Anna Wintour escorted out and Pixie Lott breaking down in tears because she didn’t get sited on the Frow.

The collection itself was full of texture and the inspiration from the book and film, Where the wild things are? Was what I would call genius.

The Lana bag is something special and something I may have to start saving my pennies for.But for now my LFW Mulberry Tote may have to do.

 Not only was this weekend a sort of dream come true, seeing my fashion icons and experiencing something quite extraordinary. Even I being aware how big LFW was astonished by how much planning, time, money and dedication goes into what really is a ten minute show. But my time spent with the Mulberry team has made me wonder wherever I would like to spend some time exploring careers in fashion press.
 Please ignore my strange face, I think it was the excitment!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

A NYFW Round Up

I have to honestly admit I haven`t paid a lot of attention to NYFW. Mainly because I am currently obsessed with buying into spring/summer trends, rather than thinking about when this cold weather starts again. However as New York Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 12 has drawn to a close, I have bought together a few of my favourites.


Something about this collection was very bridal, however very beautiful. I can see that a lot of these dresses will be on the red carpets, or a Gossip Girl society party very soon.
The show was full of drama, with netting and luxurious fabrics. However the feathered pieces I found a slightly too dead bird.

Marc Jacobs

Being a big fan of his previous work and Marc in general, it was safe to say I was not disappointed. A huge hint of a fairy tale and make believe world was shown, most obviously with the over sized hats. Plenty of texture was shown throughout which is something that excites me for the future.

Jenny Packham

I think a slight trade mark of hers once again appeared, shoulder detail. Not only am I looking at this collection hoping her Desginers at Debenhams one later this year is just as good, but also with Kate Middleton in mind. I think it is easy to say there are definitely some pieces fit for a princess.

Oscar De La Renta

I usually think of La Renta, firstly by the SATC wedding dress, that Carrie tries. And then the Couture. Here he certainly is ready for all the upcoming award ceremonies. I can see a lot of La Renta flittering to the high street later this year, with embellishment and over coats being huge.

The Mulberry Key

Flying across the Internet is pictures of the London Fashion Week, Mulberry Autumn Winter 2012 invite. 
Not only is this idea fabulous but also the little video that will undoubtedly go Internet viral is enough to make anyone aww and want one.

Sadly I won’t be having an invite, but I am interning at the show on Sunday, maybe I can find a spare, just to hold onto.
Uk Vogues invations.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines, a little late.

I most likely should have posted this yesterday, but I was to besotted with my 21st birthday present quest.
It was slightly a bizarre Valentines, as not only did I get to see my boyfriend but also, my family, all I was missing was my home girls, for it really to be all the ones I love.


Tuesday, 14 February 2012


It really does seem that as you get older choosing a gift for an event such as a birthday or Christmas seems a lot harder. I remember years back when all I dreamed of was Polly Pockets and a Barbie house with a working lift, now it doesn`t seem quite as simple as a quick flick through the Argos catalogue.
With my 21st birthday a week away, most would think I would have it decided, and it would be readily wrapped. Wrong.
With it being a biggish birthday I want something I can keep, look back on and pass on to my family to come. Something that I know I won`t regret. Therefore I am willing to spend a pretty penny on it.
So easily I have asked for money, somehow I have managed to save myself from spending what has been given to me so far. But today was the real test for that.
Due to my boyfriend kindly whisking me away for my actual birthday my family decided to visit today. We spent the day happily wandering around Manchester town centre, and a spot of lunch at Rosso. However the main aim was to decide on the gift of all gifts. Somehow I haven`t quite decided and not sure why as I have actually spent hours today researching, and even now looked more online. But below is my short-list, feel free to comment on it and push me in a direction that may end up with me actually having a gift before my birthday.

I have always been a fan of Charlotte Olympia shoes; they are a bit more understated than Louboutions yet still have something about them. I was lucky enough to try a pair of these on today in Selfridges. They really are beautiful, however I feel they are a piece which will need an outfit, and something worries me about wearing them. The tiniest scratch or mark and I think I would break down.
                                                    Alexander Wang Rocco Leather Duffle Bag

I have always lusted after this bag, but more so in the beige or black. However the yellow seems something fun and something I really would enjoy. Buying this bag would really break my loyalty to Mulberry, but I think I could be forgiven.
Its Yellow colour is bang on trend now and the colour of SS12 and I think due to the classic shape can be worn throughout the year and any season. This at the minute is a top favourite.
               Mulberry Alexa - Plaster Pink

Never being a big fan of the Alexa these final choices come as a surprise. I previously have found the bag quite manly due to its basing on the Elkington briefcase. But also its a bag everyone has, a bit like the Tan Bayswater, still beautiful never the less. But the foggy grey seems a perfect classic colour for all year round, and when looking today in Selfridges it wasn`t foggy at all. More so a purpley grey. The plaster pink really only caught my eye due to the rose gold, but thought it was worth a mention.
Obviously my undying love to Mulberry puts the Alexa up front, however the hefty price tag, means I shall have to wait longer as I will have to put quite a sum towards it. Not sure I have the will power.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Baby Blue

My recent new obsession with Channel 4`s One born every minute, has been out weighed today. Not by a new Topshop arrival or a Chanel nail polish. But by baby Carter.

The word perfect seems to sum her up, all though these pictures were most likely staged and Bey had her hair re done, tears wiped from her face etc. There is something quite beautiful about them.

I think it may be hard to find something as beautiful as a new born child and the pride and love on a parents face. Its something I can never quite believe, that instantly you love someone so much you would do anything for them. Its quite unbelievable and often while watching one born every minute, I am bought to tears.

I think it`s touching how Jay Z and Beyonce have released this tumbler, allowing them to continually have privacy while they enjoy there family.

Some may say this was expected due to the first public pictures of Beyonce since the birth being seen. Even my boyfriend was bought to his knees by how wonderful and hot she looks that he had to tweet about her.