Saturday, 11 February 2012

Baby Blue

My recent new obsession with Channel 4`s One born every minute, has been out weighed today. Not by a new Topshop arrival or a Chanel nail polish. But by baby Carter.

The word perfect seems to sum her up, all though these pictures were most likely staged and Bey had her hair re done, tears wiped from her face etc. There is something quite beautiful about them.

I think it may be hard to find something as beautiful as a new born child and the pride and love on a parents face. Its something I can never quite believe, that instantly you love someone so much you would do anything for them. Its quite unbelievable and often while watching one born every minute, I am bought to tears.

I think it`s touching how Jay Z and Beyonce have released this tumbler, allowing them to continually have privacy while they enjoy there family.

Some may say this was expected due to the first public pictures of Beyonce since the birth being seen. Even my boyfriend was bought to his knees by how wonderful and hot she looks that he had to tweet about her.

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