Monday, 6 February 2012

River Island S/S12

I have never been a massive River Island fan. Don’t get me wrong I do get the occasional treat and sometimes find a little treasure, however it’s not up there with Topshop in my books and I’m not always guaranteed to find something I want or need, or a must have must buy now item.

However Look magazines, recent online feature has made me think very different.
I’m not overly surprised as I always feel there s/s collections are always better. And the fact that Neon’s, Brights and Versace like prints are in, which I often think can look tacky, means that it’s not overly hard to add a bit of fashionablity to them.

I have already purchased a few of their early s/s pieces, firstly these trousers, which already Jessie J has been pictured in. I didn’t go for the matching jacket as I thought it may be too much, however I’m thinking it may be a good piece for layering over plain dresses, especially to smarten something up.

My most recent purchase was kind of made on celebrity lust. I am totally obsessed with Lydia Rose Bright, or Lydia from TOWIE, as she’s better know. By far she is the best dressed, and the fact her and James Arg Argent have split up brings a tear to my eye.

She was filmed wearing this River Island Ensemble. Which meant like many other items of clothing she is featured in I sort of rushed out to get them. The blazer I feel is a slight investment piece. It fits in with the bright trend, also the colour pink is very me.

The trousers I was a little dubious about. I tend to find patterned bottoms either suit me perfectly or just accentuate my rounded bottom, and sticking out hips. However due to these being a silky fabric rather than a stiffer cotton, and a more harem shape, the fit perfectly. I’m hoping to find some suitable day heels to work with them, however I know they’ll be the perfect summer trousers with a flat sandal.

I’m still working out what top I plan to wear with this, Lydia is pictured wearing it with a shirt, however I’m not quite sure if this is a bit smart for me. Though knowing my Lydia love I will try search down a shirt.

Flicking through the look feature, these are a few things I’ll be keeping an eye out and more than likely breaking my bank.

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