Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My first Glossy Box

After reading many a blog about these I couldn`t resist jumping on the bandwagon and subscribing.
To those unfamiliar, Glossy Box send out a beautiful packaged box full of beauty samples and treats all for the small price of £10 per month.

My first box arrived yesterday and brightened up a rather dull day. Plus I was not disappointed.
Even the postal packaging was pretty.

Apparently this months special Valentines box, is a limited edition and the colour of the box is a brighter pink than usual. I can see in a few months I may have a stack of these.
How Cute <3

I have to say my favorite items were most defiantly the Clarins facial cream. Not only have I recently ran out of my usual brand, but this is such a treat. I am on my second night of application and can already feel a slight difference in my skin.

The only other product I have tried bar the Clarins, is the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer. It says it leave a glow and can be used in place of foundation. However this morning, I didn`t feel this to be true. It really has helped my make up stay on longer and I think I shall be researching into primers and finding one that suits me. However the coverage was way to light for my liking to act instead of a foundation.

Glossy Box is such a treat and a nice surprise, was actually quite exciting wondering what would be in it and when it would show up. Also think if there`s products your not a fan of save them up and create you own little boxes as gifts.

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