Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Chanel S/S12

If you have picked up Vogue, or Elle, or Tattler there is no way you would have missed the glossy campaign of Chanel.

At first sight, I wasn’t a major fan. However on my 20 millionth views I have fallen in love.

It’s extremely elegant; never did I think I would say that about greased back hair. Normally in this sort of campaign the clothes sell themselves and could most likely do with out the models. However I think it may actually be the models that make this one. The shapes of their bodies, they look so effortlessly cool and yet so comfortable even in those compromising positions.
There is some sort of story told throughout that I can’t quite get my head around but what ever it is, it`s clearly beautiful.

I think I may get saving the pennies for a 2.5 bag after all. In the mean time I shall wait for the new nail polish due out in May.


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