Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Weekend

Normally my weekend isn`t all that great. It may involve a few glasses of Rose or a tipple of gin and cranberry and a trip to the gym. But the weekend gone was well needed, well awaited.
It was a late Christmas present as such, I had bought my Mum tickets to see Legally Blonde the musical. Sadly I stupidly booked the train a little too early and I didn`t get a lie in at all. But this did mean we fitted in a quick bit of shopping.
You couldn`t visit London without saying hello and popping into Topshop on Oxford Street. This most likely took an hour and a half of our time. Firstly mainly as I was hoping to pick up some left over sale goodies, however no siry. However I did manage to try for the first time within the Office concession, some Jeffery Campbell boots.

I have seen these boots on one of the girls who work in Mac in Selfridges and often admired them. However could not quite work out if they were worth the hefty price tag of over £100 and if they would actually not cripple you.
Jeffery Campbell@Office £120

The first ones pictured are the original boots. However I found them small for size. These were the preferred pair by my Mum, but something about them I just didn`t feel right about.
These spike exclusive pair to Office had something that made me want to whip my credit card out. So much more comfortable, a lot bigger, and super stylish. I did however have to restraint buying them as I couldn`t see how they would fit into my SS12 wardrobe.  Though they are a must, at the top of my wish list.

Jeffery Campbell@Office £140

The day continued with a trip to Liberties, Laudre and a wander around convent garden until it was time to see the show where I couldn`t help myself having a slight tourist moment outside the theatres next door neighbour.

Flowers @ Liberties
Me@ The Savoy
Dress: Primark
Bag: Mulberry
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: Miss Selfridge

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