Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Hero, Our Hair...

It can only be said that I have only experienced bad hair salons within Manchester. And with that being the case it has been a difficult task finding someone I trust to now cut my hair.
However all that changed today when I set myself the mission to ,A. find a salon open late enough so I could go after work and B. Get Olivia Palermo hair.

Simple some may say, not really.

Headmasters however on John Dalton Street, answered task A as they are open till 9pm which suited my 5pm finish perfectly unlike every other city centre salon which closed at 6.
I took with me many a picture showcasing not only Olivia’s cut but also her colour. I was looking for a glossy all over Chocolate with a hint of Mahogany at the tips.

And after two hours I seemed to have got near enough. I have never seen my hair so glossy nor can I remember when it felt that great. I am still yet to decide how I feel about growing out my fringe a la Miss Palermo, as somehow I feel I may miss my sweeping side on a little too much. To top it off, it seems to match my Zara bag, which Olivia has been spotted wearing perfectly. 

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