Monday, 16 July 2012

Zara Crazy

I'll admit it, a recent craze has come from within for Zara. The Cardiff store back home isn't as filled as my usual Manchester haute, even though it's bigger in size. Nor does it seem to treat me like the London stores kindly have in the past. Thank goodness for the iPad app and online.

With there free collect in store delivery option it's hard not to find yourself filling your basket.Below are just a few things that I've managed to covert and click to collect.



So far I have only actually collected the green necklace. This is due to my slight "see it,like it, must have it now" attitude. Online sold out, and ironically only London stores had stock, a week after I had left London. However I managed to track one down to the Canary Wharf store, where my Aunt kinky picked it up for me. I'm yet to wear it, though can't wait to pair it with dresses, an my new favourite white shirt. I also have a skirt awaiting a wear it would much perfectly with.

The second necklace, I'm thinking will update my Whistles Wisteria Suit. Over the top, the subtle pinks I think will compliment each other.

Anything with a spike, seems to attract me. I'm hoping these shoes are as beautiful in real life when I collect them later in the week as they do online. The shape is so classic, but updated with the punky detailing, which is also bang on trend for Autumn/winter.

I'm still slightly unsure about the jacket. However leather is huge for a/w and my green version all from Zara, with leather sleeves has worn so well. I'm hoping it'll be another of there sell out coats, like we saw so many of this summer.

My final purchase is this sale dress. I eyed it up full price, but then sort of forgot about it. I've since then spotted it on my new found favourite blog What Courtney Wore. I will mot likely wear it similar to how heh as done, with my pink River Islnd blazer.


From stalking the website almost daily over the weekend, I've now got a wish list of Zara products. The new Advanced section, gets me all excited for A/W and may even see me buying this bag come payday, even if I do already have the tan version.



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