Sunday, 30 September 2012

Manchester Rugby Varsity

I've been a little neglectful to the blog this month. Coming back to uni has taken over, freshers came and went and all I'm left with is a sore throat, blocked nose and a dent in the bank account. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen I tweeted compulsively about a certain event, #varsity.

A favourite event of mine which happens every year is the Rugby Varsity, Manchester Uni vs Manchester Met. Do to many alliances I obviously support Man Met. This year was extra special though. Not only is it my final year at uni, so therefore the last time I will most likely watch,but also my boyfriends last game for the team as captain, and many of my friends last Varsity game.

The team of lads that went out were a particularly strong side, that we thought had no chance of loosing. Unfortunately we were wrong and the game went from us scoring the first try of the match, to a early finish, streakers and disappointment.

Spirits couldn't be dampened and post match celebrations carried on in style. I always get an outfit especially for this event, rather sad I know. This year I picked up a dress I had been eyeing up in the ASOS sale for a while. Though rather summery, I dressed it up with neon H&M heels to give it more of an evening feel. I plan next summer to dress it with flat sandals, for a more day to day wear. It's definitely a dress perfect for occasions, and being 100% silk was a sale bargain.

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