Monday, 4 June 2012

Whistles Wisteria, Take Two and Three

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Whistles Wisteria pyjama suit. The suit didn`t come cheap and I made it allowable to wear by telling myself I could wear it as separates in so many ways.

Last week I found myself pairing the trousers with a lemon knit. The look was perfect for work, and due to the drop in temperature still allowed me to be summery yet not to chilling by wearing the knit.

My other wear was of the shell top. I paired it with a simple maxi navy chiffon pleated skirt. I must say I quite enjoyed wearing this outfit. Partly because it was the start of the glorious sunshine we were having and secondly, it was during my trip away to Devon, where I had been confined to day dresses and converse, so it was a nice change to actually have something pretty on. Sadly the only picture I have of this wear, is with the boyfriend on the beach. Any other ideas on how I can get more wear of my Wisteria pieces? I`m thinking of adding more colour next time.

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