Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Selfish Present

Back in April it was my mums birthday. I usually get theatre tickets for a west-end show, however due to me needing not just wanting to see the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the design museum, this seemed the perfect present. I also managed to fit in some tickets for the V&A Ballgown exhibition and some afternoon tea at The Chesterfield Mayfair.

The V&A is just a wonderful place to visit, even if you don`t go to the Ballgown exhibition. The gift shop is  worth a visit however.I managed to pick up a novelty lipstick pen, and a dress up Kate sticker book for my sister, which I just thought was brilliant.

My favourite part had to be Beyonces dress she wore when singing for the Obamas when he was elected as president.
The whole exhibition wasn`t as big as I expected, and not as exciting as I thought it maybe. Though there are some beautiful dresses there, I managed to snap a few, but the attendents are really rather strict on the no photography rule.You may notice the second gown belong to the late Princess Diana.

As you can see above I made a slight mistake of wearing shorts. It did rain slightly, but in ways it worked in my favour due to the humid London weather and the sweaty tube travelling.
The day wasn`t just about museums. It seemed wrong that we we`re in London when the Harrods sale started, as well as the Mulberry stores sales. We popped to Harrods, it amazed me how people were willing to queue for long periods of time. In ways it was much better than Selfridges on Thursday where it was all grabbing, Harrods was a lot more orderly.
Mulberry was a success story for my mum as she purchased a Harriet Satchel in the sale. Its such a classic bag and a great buy.

My main treat of the day was a chocolate themed afternoon tea at The Chesterfield Hotel, Mayfair. For any chocolate fans you will not be disappointed.

The hotel staff were so attentive and friendly and even packed the left over cakes away for us to take home.

Without a doubt I would advise everyone to get to the design museum before Christian Louboutins exhibition ends. There is something about his shoes that are just magical, and urge you to go put on your highest heels. The Dita Von Teese hologram, is just mesmerizing. I managed to get a few sneaky pictures.

I had a perfect Saturday, and it was nice to have a change from the standard trip to Oxford Street with lunch and a show. Do you have any slightly different days out planned? Or any other top spots to visit?

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