Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wretch 32

Today I was taken back to what I can easily say was not only the best weekend of my summer. But almost defiantly one of the best in my life. V Fest.
I started today with my newly found gift of the internet, which my housemate and I have been waiting for, for over a week. I knew my Ipod needed an update for the morning bus journey to my placement.
Therefore after seeing at V what an amazing performer he was, I decided the new album from Wretch 32, Black and White, would fit the bill perfectly.
I knew it wasn`t going to be easy listening, due to the low bass sounds and his rhythmic talent to rap. However every time I hear the number one hit, "Don`t go" I am automatically transported back to the arena tent, two weekends ago at Hylands Park, Chelmsford. I seem to hear when the chorus kicks in the crowd singing, and get a sense of over whelming happiness. It certainly made my journey to work much more enjoyable this morning.
Even the acoustic versions, and remixes that his album is packed with get your feet moving, head nodding. And if like me you listen through the small white Apple ear buds, you may find you tend to strut. I did.

The Album inspired me so much at 8.30am this morning, that at 1.30pm I found myself online buying tickets to his tour at Manchester Academy.
Its clear to say that my over listening to Adele, 21 has been replaced. And Wretch has found himself winning my 2nd Album of the year (obviously after Adele, 21. I doubt anyone will knock her off that top spot).

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