Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hump Day

As it`s now mid week, Wednesday. There has been a few things I have been rather excited for. And it isn`t even the weekend.

Firstly, after joining a new gym recently, I have decided to run in the BUPA Great Manchester Run 2012. The run isn`t taking place until May 20th 2012, so  I have plenty of time to train and get myself completely fit for whole 10km. More importantly I am aiming to raise a whooping £1000 for Cancer Research Uk.
Sadly, many people around me have been touched by Cancer and I feel it would be a perfect way of remembering those who I`ve lost, as well as doing something for the people currently fighting.

So far this week I have had a hissy fit on the delivery on my Black Suede River Island Chelsea Boots, which I ordered online last week, but now have to wait another week till they can be re-delivered.
I have also received my new black pom pom Topshop pumps, and somehow managed to get Season 3 of 90210 delivered to my old addresses.

However all though I have had personal excitement. Something that may interest everyone else, is the new release of Gossip Girl Season Five pictures. Not only do we get to see some of the amazing and beautiful outfits, but get a clue into the story lines.

Blake Lively, or S. Looks amazing in this purple dress. The costume department of the show always seem to work the garments so beautifully with accessories. This picture proves this with the blue stone necklace.

Excitingly this picture shows Serena, with thought to be Cousin Charlie. Blake Lively has been pictured in all the magazines recently wearing this jacket. Mainly because she is another big A lister who clearly is a fan of British high street store Topshop. Well who isn`t?
 Already from this picture it is clear to see that this season like the four previously will not disappoint.

Finally, why is Blair, Dan and Louis together? And could Blair look anymore sensationally beautiful?

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