Monday, 20 August 2012

The new social media

We all love Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and all those other sites we seem to have grown fondly attached too. There great for keeping in contact, making witty one liners and compiling a virtual to do list. But what about creating your very own shopping centre, which you and your friends can virtually pop in and out of as you please? Welcome Mallzee. is a new up and coming site where you can create your very own shopping centre and share with your friends. For any shopaholics like me, I'm sure you will agree this seems some what like a dream. Even better there's a way of making money from it. All so simple.
By signing up to the site your entering into a world of over 200 brands, including Urban Outfitters, New Look and St Tropez to name a few. It then becomes as simple as choosing what you like to create your own personalised space.
With online shopping putting an end to the social aspect of it all, Mallzee has regained it. Friends can be invited to view, comment and create there own allowing you to share and comment on each others must haves and I wants. Even better each time you shop there's great discounts and you earn a small percentage every time a friend purchases from your Mallzee.
So what is there to wait for? Sign up and start experiencing what I think could be the next big social media thing.

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