Sunday, 10 February 2013


Apart from trying to finish an assignment, getting slightly addicted to the ipad Jurassic park game, I've been planning what to spend my birthday money on. And as if by magic, I seem to have decided what I wanted, bought it and used it in three days. And all done two weeks early.

I've lusted after a Sophie Hulme bag for some time, and with this and that contributing to a bit of money off. I felt now was the time. So here it is, my new little jewel.

Most famously known for her AW12 collection, and her season coded charms. Sophie Hulme is one to watch. My soft leather shoulder bag, comes with detachable shoulder strap, and infamous dinosaur charm. There is nothing I don't love about it.

I can't write this post without applauding My-Wardrobe for amazing service. I ordered Friday lunchtime and low and behold on standard delivery it was with me before lunchtime Saturday. After a dramatic Friday night (my phone was stolen) this delivery on my arrival home from the gym bought arather large smile to my face.

Happy Birthday Me!!


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