Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The LFW Topshop "Olivia" Pant

This post is something I have been waiting to write quite a while.
Everyone has seen the images of Olivia Palermo, from back in February at the Topshop LFW show. Obviously as normal she looked beautiful, but however stood out as she clashed her Leopard print Mulberry pumps, with what is a best selling Topshop Pant.

Everybody knows about. I have seen numerous tweets to Topshop asking when they`ll be hitting stores. Even my boyfriend and his Rugby player house mates are well aware, that every girl needs them this summer.

Since these images were released, I have been waiting for them to hit stores. I managed to nab the jacket a few weeks ago, which alerted me to the arrival of the pants, which I figured would be coming soon. For the past three weeks I have Tweeted, messaged, rang and visited Topshop everyday. And to my surprise the one day I didn`t visit, last Thursday they arrived.
My visit to the Trafford Centre, last Saturday, which was originally planned to buy my boyfriend a pile of birthday presents, was hijacked, by the only one pair left, ironically not in my size Olivia Pant.
I questioned the store staff, rang the town centre store, but no luck.
Luckily after moaning to my Mum, who also wanted a pair about my dramatic day, which yes was only dramatic due to the non Olivia Pant buying, she found them online. Hallelujah.

The pant arrived today and oh my they are just as beautiful in real life.
Normally my posts consist of completed outfits, and just before work pictures. But I just couldn`t help myself. So I have spent my evening working out a few different looks.
Obviously with my slight obsession with Olivia, I wanted to work a neon trend on top. The Green  Tee, is from Zara and works perfectly.
However, knowing this pant is sold out in most stores, and the amount of sizes available online is shrinking by the day, I feel the neon maybe a common look for all who own the pant. So below I have experimented with a few pieces of my wardrobe. Please excuse the messy haired look, and bare feet in a few.

I`m struggling to match some shoes up with the pant, in the pictures below I tried my Topshop Silver bow courts, and some Coral office wedges. The wedges give it a more casual look, teamed with the denim top. The Silver courts, are a fave of mine from this seasons wardrobe and I think they`ll act as a classic pair of shoes in the future.

Which look is your favourite? Is the matching jacket too much? Did you manage to get a pair?

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  1. Those pants are soooo cute! Love it! :)