Monday, 31 December 2012

What does 2013 hold

Unlike most I'm spending tonight, on the sofa, watching the numerous New Year shows on television. I haven't ever been a big New Year fan, I usually follow the crowd. Due to a lack of organisation my plans seemed to crumble at the last minute, and here I am now, with some toffee popcorn and Graham Norton.

So reflecting back on 2012, it's not been over eventful . I've done a lot, visited exhibitions, spent a lot. 2013 however, has a lot in store for me inevitably. Come May my university exams finish, come July I graduate, and technically become a real adult, with real responsibilities.

With this in mind, my next few months involve some hard work with my head in books, and whispering at the library. Real job hunting, and then who knows. But with all this in mind, it would be rude not to make some plans. Not so much resolutions, but aims. So here they are;

* I want to own a pair of Louboutins. I have the book, visited the exhibition and have the poster proudly on my wall. Plus, I don't think there will be anything more perfect than, a red sole taking a step onto the stage come graduation day in July.

* To own a Celine bag. Okay so this is pretty out there. As well as chipping away at worked up debts each month, and saving money for my New York trip next December, money will be tight. But a Celine bag is next on my wanted list.

* A summer holiday. Maybe even a few weeks travelling. Who knows, but I missed out on a holiday in 2012, and don't think I should do the same in 2013.

* A job. Something I'd like to get upon graduating. The Louboutins will obviously come in handy for interviews too.

So these aims are pretty materialistic. But apart from the standard join the gym, and cut down my sugar intake, I'm pretty happy with my life. So much so, I don't think I need to make any huge changes to have a great 2013.

Without a doubt you'll have some resolutions, I'd love to hear them. But for the mean time, Happy New Year.

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